“Stop calling it a blip, Mr Robins. No win in seven and three points from twenty one is relegation form. With absolutely no
sign of the defence getting their act together we are becoming prime candidates for the drop.”

“Another ‘unlucky’ defeat coming up”

“Since the start of January we have won 4 games out of 16”

“We lack two or three bullies across the park. Henderson ran our defence ragged and pulled them all over the park. It was embarrassing to watch at times.
The Premiership loanees are good at tippy tappy pretty football, but not putting the boot in and the dirty stuff. Are they really up for the fight? They may fit in well in a decent team but I’m afraid it simply isnt working. It’s time for bullies and rolling the sleeves up. Send some of the loanees back and lets have some fighters instead.
This side is devoid of aggression and we are lacking some real experienced characters. If we play like that at Sheff we’ll get dicked by four or five.”

“The trouble with Mark Robins is after having a great run he has been too obsessed with not conceding goals and not thinking that scoring more goals than your opponent wins you games rather than trying for a clean sheet and hoping to get a one nil win which is certainly not working.”

“We shouldn’t get dicked four or five at Sheffield because we had the beating of them last Saturday.”

“We have a more experienced striker than Wootton scoring goals for Partick Thistle.”

“Lyle Taylor has only scored once and is being used as an impact sub.”

“Robins must go. Witless, personality less, gormless, dour ball bag. Send him back to the milltown after tar and feathering. I hate him.”

“Unfortunately I have lost the will to live with it all ( yes, I’m one of those who has returned his Sheffield away ticket and said stuff it ).”

“Robins should be sacked in the summer wether he keeps us up or not.”

“We have had 17 games to get 4 or 5 wins,we have got 2 draws,it is going to be a nervy last few games with Sheffield United after promotion “

“this is a lot more than just a bad run, this is relegation form and if the management team don’t get their fingers out then we’ll be back in the bottom four with only a handful of games left.”

By Roy

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