” 10 games undefeated, dare we dream?”

“Barnsley are currently 13/5 to WIN on Saturday.
Jabo Ibehre is 8/1 to open the scoring, with Sam Winnall at 15/2 and Conor Hourihane at 9/1
It would appear that at this moment in time, the bookies are favouring the Blades, with United priced at evens, and Mark McNulty 11/2 to open the scoring. Matty Done is priced at 6/1.”

“I fancy a 1-1 draw”

“Blunts cant make their minds up If they are massive or not
Some of them don’t want to come in case they lose.
But then they won a game so all decided to come.
But then they lost so wish they hadn’t bought on”
“The second biggest team in the 4th biggest city in England, sat comfortably in a playoff position, they should have sold out in 5 mins. Very poor”

“AFTER ALL IT IS THEIR CUP FINAL : Wednesday would have sold out signs up weeks ago”

“more or less sold art? ya know what they say. theres a first time for everything?”

“Is Clough kidding us when he suggests its more important to ‘not lose’.”

“the more they bring the more will see what a gulf in class there is now between the teams which met in november. 5500 blunts scurrying off home to get back under their rocks after we.ve hammered em! sat cant come soon enough!”

“Thing is they are obsessed with attendances !! BCSD syndrome”

“I’m not too bothered about who’s Willy is bigger than the other, stood over urinals taking a peek, couldn’t gi a monkeys, I just hope it’s a cracking game with as little trouble as possible, a banging atmosphere…”

“To be fair to the Blunts it’s not a bad effort on Saturday to sell nearly 6k for a team in up and down form and a lunch time kick off .
Nobody is questioning who the blunts main rivals are , however it matters to them more than they let on and it’s the same with Sheffield North .”

“6000 fans in North stand this weekend who absolutely despise your club
and no doubt will give you hammer for 45 minutes, could you stand there and fully concentrate at 17 years old ?,
I think it’ll be a massive risk playing the pig in nets this weekend”

“You’re 17 years old. Have just made your professional debut. You read a message board and some dumb **** fan refers to you as a pig. One of your own fans.
Grow up you idiot. You’re boring the **** out of me.”

“Whats the bigger risk, playing at home against an average team or making your debut away against the runaway league leaders.
He passed his test with flying colours , he’ll be fine.”

“They’ll give him some right hammer on Saturday, nowhere to hide for the kid ether, only the lad and maybe Johnson and Crossley know if he’ll handle it but it’s got to be a worry for the coaching team surely.”

“We talking about same football club. They don’t make any noise. They will sing greasy chip butty in 1st minute and that’s it
I bet I had a harder time in goal when I was stand in goalkeeper once on a Sunday morning and a bloke stood behind net and every time ball came near me he said I was going to drop it”

“It’s United who I always think of as pigs. That may be because I used to work with a Wednesday fan”

“I always call Wednesday the Pigs. Swilsboro/Pigs link.”

“the police statement about the sheff utd match:
“We’re well aware that tensions are running high between the two groups of fans”
They are? Has something happened which I have missed? I thought it was just a football match against a local rival. What tensions are running high?”

“Another well thought out explanation by our friends at SYP”

“Act first, justify it later.”

“What a joke
Where playing Sheffield United not Galatasary”

“Might just mean tension over the points, if there is a loser then it’s going to cause a bit of emotion which could boil over. We lose and we’re in a bigger battle with the teams around us, they lose and their form (if it continues) puts them out of the play-offs in a few weeks.If the away fixture is owt to go by, the police’s attitude was as if it was an Old Firm game. Way over the top.”

“- Our biggest game against them for years.
– Both fighting for a play off spot at the back end of the season.
– Our supporters reputation this year.
– Them having one of the nastiest mobs about when they turn out.
– Biggest crowd at Oakwell in over 4 years.
– Early kick off
– Penny Black in the 90’s and 200 of them knocking on KGV pub door at 9am before a fixture 10 years ago.
Aye, l’ll say they’ve got it spot on.”

“There is also the hatred from Chris Morgan and Ched Evans stuff.”

“Ridiculous. What tensions? Just to go the match then go home. It’s a football team ffs, not ISIS”

“Chris Morgan happened. Most fans wil just go and enjoy the game but the minority who want to cause trouble have a ready made excuse, not that they need one.”

“17,500 is the latest box office prediction for the Sheff U attendance.”

“We’ll be Only the third team in this division to have an attendance over 16,000 this season. One of the other clubs is Coventry for their one off home coming before they went back to the norm.”

“Going to be very difficult on Saturday lunch time , we are playing an established league 1 club who have held their own for 5 seasons now at this level .
They have never looked in danger at any point during their league 1 tenure and with our selfs not carrying anything like their league 1 experience it’s going to be tough for our young lads .
It is of course our first season for many many years in league 1 and at times we have struggled to adapt to our new found surroundings but we do lack the experience the Blunts have and this may prove decisive on Saturday .
We can only dream of emulating their superb league 1 record but if we are to be as massive as they are then that is the model we should follow .
Looking forward to a great game if not overly confident , aye thank you .”
“Draw no good for us but decent result for Sheff Utd
We need to go at them from the first whistle
We are know united fans will be on Clough back soon as we go in front”

“I’d say, given the potential loss of confidence an unbeaten-run ending defeat to our local rivals may bring, that we need to win to have a decent chance of 6th as well.”

“Owt could happen, massive game for us both.”

“Seen United fans tweeting asking if they can take their tickets back, are football fans in general that fickle?”

“That feeling you get before a big local derby…What is it? Anxiety, passion, fear or a mixture of all 3?
I always get this feeling when we are playing Leeds and we’ve done ok against them recently I just can’t help but think we are setting ourselves up for a mighty fall… Suppose I’ll know at 2.15 on Saturday!!!”

“I just see it as a huge game in terms of league position and playoff push..”

“All I feel is a serene sense of calm, because we’re going to smash The Pigs.
Their players won’t turn up, and we’re dying to beat them because a) we hate them and b) we want to go up.
Nine unbeaten, at home, in front of a partisan crowd and a stand full of rape apologists who turn quicker than milk.
It’ll be a reight day.”

“Dread given I lived in Shitfailed for years and have loads of United supporting mates. Based on the inverse law of Proprotion we are playing ok them not so good they are bound to **** us.”

“I work with Pigs.
They all know I absolutely fcuking hate them. I try to be nice and friendly when we’re discussing football, but sometimes the mask slips and my true feelings become clear.
I’m up for this one in a way I haven’t been for a game since *that* day at Huddersfield.
They can’t beat us. They won’t beat us.”

“Can’t wait, should be 16-17,000 there and a cracking atmosphere. If United win then that’s 5th spot pretty much sewn up, our unbeaten run ended in the worst possible manner, and our play-off push in jeopardy. Which is why we’ve got to win. A fourth draw in a row wouldn’t be disastrous but we have to keep winning our home games. We’ve just taken a point each from the two best teams in the division, United’s confidence will have been knocked after a last minute home defeat to Crewe, but literally anything could happen on the day. All I want is 3 points. Don’t care how we get them, just get them.”

“Derby games between us and either of the two dee dar brothers are different from any of our other existing derbys… They almost always end up being dirty games so we need to be prepared for a fight.”

“I think our squad is better then theirs, and I think we have a better manager, I just hope we both turn up with our A games, then it should be a good game, and we’ll win.”

“Thing is, come 10 past 2 on Saturday, United fans will be saying the midfielders milk as just mentioned never turned up, when the chances are it’ll be the fact Pearson & Scowen did turn up, and did a job on them. If we get a result on Saturday it’ll be down to them two, same as if this season amounts to anything it’ll be down to having the best two midfielders of their type in the division.”

“when all’s said and done, we’re similar size clubs. They might do us on gates, but Arsenal get more in than Liverpool, wouldn’t suggest they’re any bigger though. We’re a small town club and considering that, our attendances are impressive. I’m sure that were we to have an extra 200,000 people living in the town/city/borough we’d get 20,000 too.”


By Roy

5 thoughts on “Pre-Match View From Barnsley”
  1. Well done on trolling around the BFC message boards to put your blog together , there’s me thinking a blog was your own personal view and nobody else’s .
    Next time you need material to fill your column up , ASK , you obviously know where to find us .

    1. Sorry Andrew, Barnsley aren’t special; Roy does a before and after comments from our opponents supporters on every game that the Blades play and we all appreciate his work on this. Maybe you could do one for the dingles? Or at least do a little research before commenting so you don’t humiliate yourself in front of an audience again.

  2. Thanks for reading Andrew . Come back after the game to read what your fans thought of the game. I don’t need to ask for permission to take comments from forums by the way. Sorry to disappoint. Enjoy the game

  3. To be fair Matthew, judging by Andrews post it seems they didn’t want their views being seen anywhere outside of Barnsley town centre . Understandably so. Must be very embarrassing to read them back

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