“we won?!?!”

“We did a win”


“Sheff Utd fans saying we are a crap team. We beat them and beat them in the play-offs. Who’s crap now?”

“Great win”

“Fab game tonite”

“Fair play to all the Blades who made journey down, did the same journey earlier in season on a Tuesday night, not an easy one”

“It wasn’t a lucky result either as the Glovers dominated the game “

“Scougall was dangerous”

“Such a small thing, but made me happy. Clean sheet and a win”

“A rare win”

“Sturrock’s tartan waistcoat is growing on me”

“Always bloody lose when I bet on Yeovil winning, now the other bloody way around! I will never learn!”

“Great win tonight! Won the crowd over in the second half as well”

“Results might mean nothing any longer, but an improved performance is a plus. Onwards and hopefully upwards “

“Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssss we have actually won a game”

“That cuts gap down to 10pts. Would be nice to make it single figures in next few games!”

“Sturrock said a draw woulda been fair result. I think we deserved the win all night long”

“Yeovil have only just won a game of football. Sheffield United must enjoy playing at Huish Park.”

“Actually still smiling from winning the game even if it means nothing!”

“Yeovil town – messing up Sheffield United playoff chances since 2013.”

“That was Yeovil Town’s first clean sheet since January 24th’s 0-0 against Coventry City”

“Totally deserved from start to finish”

“Quality performance tonight, 3 points and a clean sheet against 5th in the league, good to get our first win since 7th March”

By Roy

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