Blades 1-1 Bradford 

“Stats show how even the game really is…. the team that takes the chances, takes the points!”

“Happy with the result …….. A draw at the lane is very good – Most on here would have taken this, at the seasons start, and
moreso today, after Bristol City.”

“very solid battling performance from team full of semi-injured players after 0:6, I’m really glad!”

“I was a little concerned the Bristol result was the sign of a total collapse to come, from an over worked, small sqaud.”

“Happy to report I could see the match this time, thanks to my son and a bloke 3 seats down who applied some positive
‘encouragement’ to the youths in the row in front who started the match standing up, to get them to sit down, which they did
thankfully, apart from the usual moments of excitement, i.e. The goal and when we were attacking.
We looked a bit jittery at the back on occasion, not surprising after Tuesday, but I thought the team did OK. We should have
had a penalty first half for the most blatant handball you will ever see, but not given. There were some good performances,
notably Routis in central midfield and Davies. Stead made a nuisance of himself when he came on.
The Blades fans were rubbish. Scores equal, we are down to 10 men, they are pushing for the play offs, so what do they do?
Leave early in droves, and boo their players off!”

“Really great day out. As stated before, stewards and old bill good lot. Few pints in Sheffield prior to the game and all
jovial. Little bit of handbags after the game especially around the uni.”

“Actually my first ever time in Sheffield and before I’d even left the train station some bloke came over and said:
“You’re s***, you’ll always be s***, dirty Northern monkey, f*** off you f****** Yorkshire *******, you’re s***”
Seemed a bit surprised when I told him that Sheffield itself is both in the North and in Yorkshire. Not the brightest bunch.
Otherwise a decent away day.”

“How strange they booed their team at the end – in the play offs and they boo them off?
Outstanding support from us again today – but I can honestly say the sheff fans were so quiet it was wierd I don’t know if it
was the acoustics or what but apart from one muffled song I didn’t hear them all game they were worse thanChelsea fans – what’s
more I was reading somewhere they beat us to best atmosphere voted by fans – makes you proud to have fans like ours”

“5 minutes of extra time, we are down to 10 men, they are fighting for the play offs, so they all troop out en masse, a la Sunderland. Then at the final whistle they boo the players. Hardly a peep out of them all game except when they scored, and that wasn’t exactly exuberant. A poor show from them.”

“took my son for his first game at Bramall Lane today. Stated beforehand, its one of the best grounds for atmosphere, especially from the home fans.
To say he is not convinced is an understatement. They were pants……..”

“Thanks to the Sheffield Utd chav & his obese wife who shouted at me, my brother, 13 year old son & nephews 7 & 9 to **** off back to Bradford and our town full of P***s as we headed back to the car after the game.
He didn’t seem impressed when I replied I would rather go to Bradford than wake up next to his munta of a wife!”

“So looking through stats city have 3-4 chances with maybe 2-3 on target.. Resulting in 0 goals.. Opposition have 1 on target they score…”

“Whilst the stats suggest United had one shot on target, we were troubled wide on occasions. Thoroughly deserved point.”

“Wasn’t going to mention the ref but he certainly gave us very little, the second half one of our lads got fouled near the halfway line but played the ball up to Hanson who was breaking forward and instead of giving us advantage to see what we could produce he blew up and gave the free kick on the half way line, poor at best and influenced by the home crowd I don’t know why as they we very quite today (as I thought our 3,000ish fans were) until the final whistle when the crescendo of boos spread round the ground ffs their 5th in the league nailed on for a play off place and their booing their team.”

“We also should have had a penalty in the first half. I was sat in the Sheffield John Street Stand – directly in line with play, and it was clearly handled. It was ball to hand, but his arm was raised up at shoulder height. All the United fans around me said it was a clear penalty.”

“We managed to restore a modicum of pride in the shirt with today’s draw at Blades. But although Sheffield United weren’t great; they were the team trying to get the ball down and play football.cMahon had a stinker; constantly hoofing the ball forward into spaces where we had no player”

“McMahon played????”

“Agree about McMahon. Kept giving away the ball and committing fouls.”

By Roy

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