“Enjoyed that think we made our point be interested to see what blades fans thought
Thanks for your generous clapping of our season. See you at Wembley?”

“Should have won that.”

“Shame for the league that they’re above us; the league table never lies, but it doesn’t tell whole truth!”

“I do think if each team can perform to their maximum, Sheff Utd are the worst in the PO mix”

“Is the official figure from us the 3,397 that the club put on Facebook?
Doesn’t really make sense as we were given 4,300 tickets and when I collected mine Friday afternoon I was told less than 100
were left.”

“They’re clearly not very intelligent in Sheffield, given that there was no A, B or C rows in the lower stand. I’m guessing
they can’t add up either.”

“Thinking back over the 35 years I’ve been watching Town, and I think that was the biggest league crowd I have seen us play

“Largest Sheffield Utd home crowd of the season
They only came to see the Spireites!! ”

“Not bad turnout for a team that means nothing to em…..not a derby……ha ha……they got spanked especially 2nd half”

“From radio Sheffield.”Interviewer to cookie ,I think the best complement I can make is a sheff u fan said to me “I wish I could watch chesterfield’s style of football every week” cooks reply” We are only 8 miles away,come down and buy a season ticket” Love it just Love it. ”

“Oh and as for annies song. How can they be out of their senses on barrel of magnet when they only sell sodding lager in the ground…..poor like their vocal support!!!! ”

“Hats off to the team, mcnulty took their goal well, but overall we were better than them. ”

“With Swindon blowing it, it could be a Spireites v Blunts final! ”

“Well in that case get ready for championship football against those wembley bottle jobs ”

“Preston & blunts both…..Preston 9 times in play-offs never won, Sheff Utd 7 times in play-offs never won. ”

“I think the blades will be on the discovery channel…clough still does not know his best 11. ”
“Like how they think they going to play preston in the worst 2 teams in the play off thread….idiots ”

“Another thing to note was the panicking of MeEverley as soon as he had to cope with Armand. Something to store in the locker if we get em at Wembley.
We limited them to 1 chance which they took and then a deflection that flew past the post. They were awful to say they were at home. BUT SAYING THAT HOW BOTHERED WAS CLOUGH.”

“even radio sheffield said we were the better team ”

“Should we have all gone in black ties today?
All we heard before the game and at half time were tributes to departed fans, and whilst there’s certainly a place for such stuff it was like being at a wake.
‘Sheffield United sponsored by the Coop Funeral Service’, perhaps.
And a mate of mine made a good point: was that pitch heavy after overnight rain or was the grass left deliberately long?
The ball just didn’t seem to roll truly which hampered the likes of Roberts and O’Shea, and as we play/ed far more football than a workmanlike Blunts outfit it wouldn’t surprise me if it was a cynical Clough tactic. Like having ball boys who left the fetching to Town players.
Either way Town were by far the more entertaining side, the only one of the two that actually wanted to win, it appeared.
Bottom line I’ve seen nothing to fear from Sheffyoo should we encounter them at Wembley.”

“I thought the announcer was spot on and even credited CFC Fans several times for our support and also our achievements this season.
He even said Good Luck and he looked forward to seeing us in the Final…..”

By Roy

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