Blades 1-2 Swindon

“Super result. Was more than happy with the 1-1 but what a fantastic strike at the death to give us a great advantage going into the second leg. Thought we were poor for the first 20 minutes and when we missed the penalty I feared the worst but we carried on and probably edged the tie by the end of the match.
I should know better but never, ever underestimate this Swindon team.”

“Fuck me, we played them off the park. OK they had a chance or 2 but you’ve got to give Cooper credit for resting all those players and coming up with a fantastic 70 minute performance.
We’ll fuck it up on Monday”

“I think you are getting a bit excited with that… We dominated 20 mins either side of halftime, but were under the cosh for the rest of the game.
Was grabbing a 1-1 with both hands with 15 mins to go, very happy with a 1 goal advantage. Still lots to do though.”

“Under the cosh? What game were you watching?”

“Emotionally drained what a result”

“Not sure how I’m going to cope with the second leg, my nerves are shot to pieces.”

“That will do”

“This isn’t over”

“We have a very good side but we’ve had a few “unusual” results this season to make me think this is far from over.”

“Far from over but that goal was a massive boost. We don’t do parking the bus so the advantage could be priceless come Monday.
One worry for us is our patchy home form. We have been sloppy at home lately.”

“Average performance, but a hell of a result! We ground that out. The Blades are a decent side. Fantastic energy and commitment early on. They should have had a penalty for the handball. They won all the 50/50s in the first half hour and their directness troubled us. It took their goal to wake us up, but even still (and missed
penalty aside) we were lucky to go in one down.
But we perked up and they got sloppy. Matt Done looked fantastic when he came on…. We were no better than them. I’d say they shaded it, but as an away side, you’ve got to hand it to our boys. Half a job well done.”

“I thought they were shit , a better team would of stuffed us but this is league one and we are all pretty similar”

“Hope the fact we rested our better players will really pay off on Monday, they seem to have a few injuries after tonight as well.
Gonna be nervous and could still go either way but if we can score first even their fans can’t see them scoring three!
Another away ground hoodoo broken, been a great season whatever happens, especially away from home.”

” tonight we weren’t very good. Luck was on our side at times. Some players need to up their game, especially if we move on a stage and encounter Beckford and Garner at Wembley. That’s if we get there. We still have some problems to address…..let’s not count our chickens…just yet.”

“Just got back home from Sheffield. Amazing second half, amazing atmosphere, amazing result. Fucking have that you Blades…..”

“The epiotome of a game of two halves. I would happily have taken the one nil and gone home at half time but Cooper sorted them out at the break. We looked sharper, hungrier and more aggressive After sleepwalking through the first half.”

” I just know it won’t be straightforward in the second leg but will fucking take that result all day long!”

“Clough – manager of big club under big pressure. Bound to want to blame someone else!”

“#twitterblades is top notch comedy for those who enjoy a side dish of schadenfreude”

“You fill up my senses, like an away win in Sheffield, like a header from Ricketts, and a long shot from Byrne..”

“Clough you twat”

“Clough is being a complete and utter wanker on sky ,moaning about s “disallowed goal” when the whistle has gone about 30 seconds before the ball has ended up in the net.bellend!”

“He’s a bit Steve Evans isn’t he? Must be something about playing Swindon which brings out the cunt in other managers.”

“Clough said that they should’ve had 3 pens…Fuck off !!!”

“Looked like some proper shit keeping from the Sheff U stopper?”

“He’d made some good saves up until that point. Hopefully his confidence has gone going into Monday.”

By Roy

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