Swindon 5-5 Blades (Swindon win 7-6 on aggregate)

“Best game I have ever seen live. Crazy from the first whistle to the last. I was nervous even at 3 nil and that was why.
Fair play to Sheff U they never gave up. Know what its like to lose in the play offs but their fans can take heart from the
fact they never said die. “

“Incredible will power and determination from Blades. Ridiculous to feel nervous at 5-1 on aggregate but that’s what you get
with Swindon. ****ing hell.”

“Wow. What a game. “

“Well played Sheffield. “

“Before everyone gets their panties bunched, that was a freak game – although the league game was similar in many respects, 3-0
up, back to 3-2 before ending 5-2.
Seems like when these 2 teams meet something just happens.”

“I watched it from up at the top of the DRS with my new mate Karl Robinson and your correct, there were Swindon fans clearly
looking to wind up Sheffield United fans. I wouldn’t say it was hundreds, probably about 50 or so bell ends looking to cause
grief. We’ll both get fines for the pitch invasions, I suspect the same amounts”

“Also, I saw some Town fans who went up to the United fans to applaud them so it wasn’t just our resident half wits looking to
cause trouble. Sadly the negatives will always get reported!”

“we dont want to go back to fences I dont know what the answer is ,the stewards are never going to stop a few thousand . Most
Town fans were clapping the Sheffield supporters but you will always get a few that will goad the away fans.”

“Some of our supporters are disgraceful and cringeworthy at times.”

“I think most on here would like to apologise for the prats, who went towards your fans, to try and cause trouble on the final
whistle, and spoil an unforgetable night.”

“We really let them into the game tonight with super soft defending and I was shitting myself when it got to 5-5. I think a 1
goal deficit isn’t the right reflection but they gave it a bloody good go.”

“Some of their mongs that walked out at 3 – 0”

“over the 2 legs maybe their team lacked a little bit of that quality, you can’t argue with the strength of character they
showed last night. Could have given up a number of times but kept going for it.”

“great fighting spirit by your them contributed to an unforgettable 2nd leg. Great stuff by both teams, obviously could have
gone either way.”

“Not sure we’ve ever put 10 goals past the same team at the County Ground in a single season before; and there can’t be many
that have scored 7 themselves. We’ll remember the Blades for that alone this year.”

“It was very fine margins over the two legs. Bad luck and decisions from their players cost them. You can’t blame the manager
for that. Stick with clough and they’ll be right up there next season I’m sure.”

“I can only imagine how galling it must be to lose in the playoffs again, but they gave us a proper run for it so must be
commended for that.”

“I think jay mccleverly is quality, but he’s never going to win the physical battle with smith. thought that was fairly key

By Roy

2 thoughts on “VIEW FROM SWINDON”
  1. My sympathies to you all, and admiration. Even if our defence was crap, you still had to do the business.

    I also along with almost all swindon fans want to apologise for those little shiteheads at the end.

    I hope CCTV catches each and every one of them and the new fascist, sorry Tory, govt passes a law to have them castrated.

  2. That was a bonkers game alright. At 5-1 we should have tightened up but Swindon don’t know how to do that. They used the right tactics to attack our 3-5-2 – play three across the top and move the ball swiftly and directly into the wide areas. Got to give them credit for the character they showed. Not sure if it was down to the manager or the players themselves. At 3-0 on the night Clough was tucked away at the back of the dugout. If we had put a sofa in there I’m sure he would have watched the game hiding behind it. If they get a couple of central defenders and a left back they should be out of this division – some of their attackers looked very good. Thankfully, so did some of ours.

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