Gillingham 4-0 Blades


“4-0 flattered them”

“Sean Bean, Jessica Ennis-Hill, Jeremy Clarkson, Sir Michael Parkinson, Darren Gough, Lord Coe are you listening? Your Yorkshire boys took a hell of a beating today!
Coming down to earth for a moment. What is a typical Gills start to a new season? Played 3, won 1, drawn 1, lost 1.
That is why I milk every great moment like today! Who needs McDonald? “

“Thought Parkinson supports Barnsley…..and Sebastian Coe is Chelsea”

“But fair play, they are all from Yorkshire.
Anyone know any celeb Sheff U fans?They are probably all hiding right now
Might pop onto a sheff U fans forum for a look, anyone know best ones to check out? “

“there were a number of blades fans who waited and clapped every one of our players off the pitch – felt that was a nice gesture and showed they also knew we had played them off the park. “

“You know you have done something special when a good number of Blade fans hang around to clap our boys off the pitch. “

“They’ve been in this league for 5 or 6 seasons, so I didn’t see any arrogant or derogatory comments pre-game. “

“I hereby demand that they give us back our title – “That pub team”. “

“To be honest if we want to get out of this league we need to beat rubbish like this
How does it feel Blades? “

“I’ve never met a nicer bunch of fans. Went for a drink after and to a man they were fulsome in their praise for GFC. They said we wanted it more and looked like a side that cost millions. The Blades cost millions, we begged stole and borrowed. It was of course only one match but what a match. “

“Spoke to a blades fan who was full of praise and said we had a really good side full of pace that will do well in this league. “

“I know we’re having a bit of fun on here with the comments from previous meetings, but it should be noted that they applauded Dack’s goal as well as staying behind to clap us off the pitch.
Very decent of them. “

“I think they just wanted to cheer for a goal. “

“Came across a few drunk lads near Gillingham Green, was expecting the worst… only to get a congratulations, best wishes and they went off on their merry way “

“Agreed they were generally very sporting towards us, but I was shocked at how early they got on the backs of their own team.
The venom and abuse given to the keeper and defence 10 minutes into the game didn’t help at all. I’ll admit their players were abysmal but it was an object lesson in how not to assist your own team. “

“Yeah, it helped us that one of their defenders gave their goalie an absolute XXXXXX after the first goal though. He needed an arm round the shoulder and a quiet word in his ear. “

“Like every club, they have their share of good fans, as well as their share of XXXXXXs.
Drank with some decent fans from their end both pre and post match, but it is the first time I have ever seen an opposing fan attack Gilla fans with a flip flop after the match!
The Sheff Utd fans we spoke with on the train home were banging on about Dack. Am glad they missed the masterclass from Osadebe, as well Dickenson’s best game for the club. “

“As the Owls cruise past last seasons pub league champions
The Blunts get thrashed by some pub league no hopers!
Hahahahahah” “

“Big name players such as Billy Sharp were expected to terrorise us yesterday but Jed is building something special here and we have sent out a strong messege of intent based on that performance.
Money doesn’t always guarantee success. “

“I would have been content with a point against the favourites for the League,but this was a result that no one would have expected “

“outstanding performance against the favourites to win the league. Our keeper never had a shot to save, and with players like Cody, Loft, Garmston and Ehmer not in the side, I fancy us for an exciting season. As for Sheff U, bloody awful. Feel sorry for their fans who had to put up with that rubbish. “

“The first goal looked very poor from Sheffield’s point of view. It looked to me like Long punched the ball into his own net though I couldn’t have been much further away. Other reports suggest he completely missed the ball and Norris got the all important touch from the throw in. It’s hard to tell if Long got more stick from us or his own fans during the game!
Oshilaja’s goal from another cross which caused havoc in the United box gave us a buffer at half time.
Third goal from a corner – free header from Egan. Great to get a clean sheet and a goal each for our centre halves and at least one assist for the full backs each.
Fourth goal was sublime – bit of teasing in the corner playing keep ball taking the piss out of United and then Dack curls in a worldie after some showboating. Especially pleasing given we normally make ourselves look stupid trying to run down the clock. Dack could very easily bring our highest transfer fee if he keeps up his form since Xmas (since he started regularly). “
“To be fair to Sheffield, I think we would have beaten any team in this division today with that performance.
The pace and intensity was quite un-Gills like. “

“Sheffield Utd looked like a lower league team to me, and after we went 3-0 up it looked like we were going to score every time we attacked!
I’d have settled for a draw before the game, as some our strongest players weren’t playing; Cody, Loft, Ehmer, Garmston etc, not realising of course how poor the opposition were going to be. Feel sorry for their fans who travelled. “

“Was very surprised by Sheff Utd as I will admit I was fearing a bit of a hiding but we were the ones that dished it out. Their goalkeeper was not one of the better ones I’ve seen shall we say.”

“Did not expect this, worrying for Sheffield Utd and Adkins “

“Simply put, we were too powerful. We ran harder, jumped higher, challenged more strongly and United just couldn’t deal with it. “

“Sheffield United looked horribly unbalanced in the first half. The keeper though, as bad performance as I’ve seen. 3 set piece goals for Gillingham mind”

“Who is that dreadful co-commentator on Radio Sheffield, someone Edwards? What a total arse. We’ll be no better than mid-table? Dream on sonny. “

“Sheffield United are utter fucking gash. “

By Roy

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