“Couldn’t really have got much of a tougher game to start with but we beat them with ease last season so a win for us isn’t out of the question. “

“Sheffield played a shocker last season and can’t be as bad again. “

“Probably the toughest start we could have.Loft,Morris,& Cody are doubts.I would be happy to start with a point.”

“ I am wary of the Adkins factor and also Billy Sharp for Sheff Utd. But we’ve made some decent additions as well, so I will go for a 1-1.
I see they’re bringing close to 2000 down, always like to see a big away contingent so should be a good atmosphere. “

“Will be a big test for sure, but a great game to have first up. Beat them relatively comfortably last season despite leaving it late, but I’d probably take a draw if offered now. “

“Basically sold out their initial allocation of 1400. They’ve requested an additional 500, which is the maximum they will receive (1900).
Seen a few good comments from their fans about the decent price of a ticket (£15) which is good.
Not sure if the demand would be there from them to take even more than that but i’d imagine it probably would be for first game of season where they have high hopes of promotion this year. Surprised we don’t just give them as much as they want though and move the 100 Townenders into the corner / Gordon Road as usual.
The extra money would no doubt be much appreciated if we got an extra 500 in on top of the 1900.
If they sell out the full 1900, i’d urge scally to consider sending another batch up or making 1000 tickets on sale on the day or something.
Should be a good atmosphere anyway! “

“Let’s hope we p!ss on their bonfire then! “

“Nigel Adkins is really talking up their form this season.
Unlike us they have been banging goals in for fun in the friendlies so really hope we can knock the grin off his face next Saturday.
Bring it on! “

“Sheff Utd will feel under a lot of pressure this season as arguably the only ‘big’ club in Lge 1; last year they didn’t react well when things started to go against them in the game; the more fans they bring (and I agree we should offer more tickets) the more they will feel it; they won’t fancy coming here first up; expect a few yellow cards; and if we can be solid at the back I think we’ll win as they fold up late in the game
1-0 with a penalty (but no idea who will take it!!) “

“I’ve tipped them to win the league this year. I think every year they’re favourites but ultimately end up not quite being good enough. I reckon this year they will finally get it together though. I’m working on the principle that the money they can throw at it is bound to do the job eventually, particularly when comparing against the funds that other clubs in the league will be able to afford this year.”

“roll on Saturday 3 points in the bag”

“Would be great to turn them over but I feel a draw is probably the best we will get. Just remember how their gracious fans refer to us as “That pub team”. “

“I’m not feeling particularly optimistic and have been psyched out by my XXXXXXty Sheff U supporting mate who refers to us as The Dog & Duck! “
“2-0 Gills with Sheffield diving, cheating and time wasting at 0-0 only to totally panic and implode when we score with 10 minutes to go. Oh hang on, that was last season
This season ……
As above”

“We’ll play extremely well for a 2-2 draw against the future champions.”

“0-1 as it looks as though at best McDonald will be half fit.
Still very optimistic for the season as a whole. This is probably our toughest home match and it will be good to get it out of the way. “

“I would 100% take a bore draw right now. “

“One apiece. We’re stage struck and concede early. They think they’re going to boss it but don’t quite. We get a penalty with five minutes to go. Cue Blades outrage”

“Sheff United to finish play offs at best. I know they’ve signed Sharp, Sammon and Woolford but for me none of these will be among the top scorers in LG1 this year. Baxters suspended which is also a bonus.”

“A score draw, the Blades being outraged that they couldn’t beat “trash like Gillingham”.”

“I would love to put one over on them for no bigger reason than their fans being such obnoxious XXXXXXs.
They really, really think this league is beneath them. “

“We tend to make the big boys pay when they don’t show us respect but Adkins is no mug and they seem to finally justify the promotion favourite tag.”

“ this one we’ll nick as Sheff complacent and looked mentally fragile last season when challenged. Expect several yellow cards “

“3-1 defeat. A Che Adams hat trick for the Blades acting as a decent consolation given I’ve got him for the top goal scorer in L1 at 50/1.”

“ Sheff Utd fan-“I honestly think we’ll smash Gillingham three or four nil and be top from day 1 right through to May.” “

“To be fair, most of the Blades thought he was barmy, several referred to our form in the second half of last season, and two had us down as this year’s surprise package “

“They are probably even higher than milwall’s budget, and able to offer players huge amounts. I for one would be really XXXXXXed off if we had budget twice the size of a team and we weren’t beating them regularly. “
“To be fair to this Sheffield team, last season they were a total bunch of pussys and spent most of the game rolling around on the floor
I expect Adkins team to be more positive. “
“Does anyone recall being on the coach that had its windows smashed travelling through Sheffield City centre on the way back from the Sabella inflicted 4-0 defeat in our first match with Utd back in 1979!
It capped a poor day we ended up near Rotherham getting our Coach Windows fixed.
I still recall a fat Sheffield hooligan throwing something at our Coach window that day,can I mention a notorious Sheffield road sign as well!
At least we beat them 4-2 in the home fixture and I am sure Sheffields two goals that day were own goals,one was definitely scored by Peter Shaw!
Also I remember the Steve Bruce inspired 3-0 home victory against Utd and Jason Lillis’s goal in a 2-1 victory when I thought he was going to run around Gillingham town centre in celebration!”

By Roy

One thought on “Pre-Match View From Gillingham”
  1. There will be no pressure on us we have the midfield & attacking players to dismantle any defence good luck guys and bring you A game and hard hats

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