“i noticed in their local paper Clough seems to be trying to play mind games around the fact we were ‘celebrating as if we were already at Wembley.
I didn’t think that was the case at all personally, even given the euphoria of a last minute winner in front of the away fans.
He does come over a bit desperate.”

“Sounds like a manager (with a stupid budget) and a team under real pressure to me. Lovely stuff.”

“Yes, because if the boot had been on the other foot and they’d won 2-1 at the CG with a stoppage time winner the Sheffield Utd players wouldn’t have celebrated at all would they??
Fuck off you bitter northern cunts.”

“Ok we rode our luck at times and may have been a bit smash and grab; however Freeman’s comments would suggest he was playing in a different game to the one I was watching. Don’t think we overcelebrated at all, after the final whistle there was a line of stewards facing us lined up across the 18 yard line and at one point I didn’t think our players would come any nearer than that. Anyway a few of them did but for no extended length of time, don’t recall Cooper coming across at all. The only person who lingered was Yas but he’d (a) just been given MoM and (b) saw a couple of guys with an Iraqi flag in our end – if he’d found a couple of his countrymen 1000s of miles from home, can’t blame him really. Compare all this with Juventus players running arms linked from the halfway line to their fans the previous night (ok it was Real Madrid!) – that’s overcelebrating at the end of a first leg. Reaction from Clough and Freeman – it’s sour grapes, that’s all.”

“Monday’s game is set up to be a cracker. We’ve got a couple of hundred tickets left – most single seats.”

“Home end pretty much sold out for this the atmosphere is going to be rocking on Monday. The games come around so quickly I have only just got over coming out of Brammal Lane on Thursday night after witnessing us win their for the first time in god knows how long. I hope the Blades come out of the blocks and have a go at us as this will play right into our hands. I cant see Cooper changing much to be honest we just have to be patient and counter attack quickly which has brought us success in so many games this season.
Fingers crossed for a good entertaining game and of course a Swindon win”

“Preston fans celebrating like they have beaten us already….hang on…we’re not there yet…”

“Reading the Sheff Utd article you’d think they were some small minnows who put in a David vs. Goliath effort against the footballing might of Swindon.
For the first 20 mins we need to play possession football and tease them until they crack by the sounds of it.”

“Listening to Sky Sports you’d have thought it was Manchester United vs Chippenham Town, basically making it out we’re minnows who have never done fuck all and Sheffield are a world footballing powerhouse who are down on their luck.”

“Those of us who were fortunate enough to see the utter destruction and new arsehole tearing of SU at SN1 won’t forget that display in a hurry. Interestingly enough, neither will Clough. Clearly that does not guarentee anything tomorrow (OMG, tomorrow), however, in whose shoes would you rather be, Cooperman or Clough?”

“It will be vitally important to score first on Monday. Conceding first will obviously hand the momentum to SU.”

“The Play-Off pendulum probably has a few more swings in it yet, we’ve seen some heavy defeats at the CG this season. This isn’t over.”

“The way that Nigel Clough lost his composure in the latter part, and after the game; coupled with the calls for his head on Greasy Chip Butty fan forums really shows the amount of chaos around this Sheffield United team, in stark contrast to the always calm and collected (When he’s not jumping around the technical area) Cooper. I think if we get an early goal and get Clough all red faced and whiney again, we can take them apart.”

“Clough knows he’s in the shit and is just trying to distract from the fact he is a useless cunt of a manager.
With a big club with a big budget and fantastic fan base, he’s a total cock”

“Clough and Sheff Utd are just trying to generate a sense of injustice and something to ‘kick’ against on Monday night. Fair enough if he thinks that will help his team. I doubt it will.”

“Clough has got the dickhead gene”

By Roy

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