“Thought Tuesday was going to be a difficult game. Then I remembered that Sheffield Utd got dicked 4-0 by frigging Gillingham “

“Buzzing for Posh on Tuesday. “

“Unconvinced that this management team will be able to forge a promotion winning team from this distinctly average disjointed shower of poor individuals, its looking less and less likely that there will be entertainment in the form of good attractive football to be watched either.
Very poor, very dull and very disappointing – a distinct reflection of the manager, paddyMac & that mouthy idiot who sits on his shoulder.”
“We beat a very poor side on Saturday with a lot of luck also as 2 players could have seen there marching orders today. Most of these players are very average and we will not get in the play offs with them.”

“I’m afraid that on that performance much as l hate to write it we are a million miles from being a promotion side based on today’s showing. It reminded me of Fergie’s era. Not much has really changed. “

“let’s be honest, we’ve beaten a poor L2 team and one of the relegation favourites and been unconvincing each time.
The game stats from yesterday suggested little between us and Colchester, with similar possession, shots on target etc.
And now T’Blades roll into town on the early train, with Mrs Wishywashy at the helm.
We played them a few weeks further into the season last time round, after we’d had a flying start and they’d had a bad one. They won 2-1. And this time they’re coming in off the back of a win. “

“We have been overrun in midfield last two saturdays”

“Tuesday has not been much of a rich pickings day for us and….the blades owe us one for the theft of 3 points last time we met at their place”

“We are an accident waiting to happen at the moment. Think I’ll probably take the overs on total goals v t’Blades. “

By Roy

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