Peterborough 1-3 Blades

“Think everybody saw that coming in fairness”

“Felt like we were back in the championship tonight. Painfully out of our depth against a top Sheffield United side”

“Beaten by the better side. Thought we did alright at times, but in the end not enough. A lack of depth at the back lost us that game”

“Sheffield United will take some stopping if they find a couple of defenders. Excellent going forward. Some terrific movement
Blades played tonight like they should play at League One level. The change of manager will prove decisive in my opinion”

“fair play to united, good away performance and deserved the win, we rallied but were second best for 80% of the game”

“Good effort but Sheff U too strong for us once they got into 3rd gear”

“ In fairness there is nothing like a promotion side coming to London Road to show how poor we really are. Season of struggle ahead.”

“ Just like to say that I hope the referee & Mr Atkins have a nice “Netflix & chills” on the coach back to Sheffield “

“Im sure there will be fewer teams better than Sheffield , but is that the way we should be thinking”

“ Don’t think there was too much to be ashamed about tonight being beaten by the hot favourites to win the league. “

“I thought that Posh were second in every department tonight to an organised Blades outfit which should finally return to the upper reaches of the Football League. he midfield was overrun, Bostwick and an ineffectual Collison being unable to cope with the skill and speed of the Blades players. Their Connor showed how to finish. I can only remember Howard having to make one save apart from the individual bit of skill by CoolBabe which resulted in our goal. As to the yellow card total our defenders seem more inclined to grab an opponent than to tackle properly ; this crude method of tackling combined with Maddison’s shooting tonight would not be out of place at Twickenham. It’s going to be a long hard season. “

“Looks like Sheff U will be going to where they shudda been now they have a real Manager “

“we got beat by a side not out of 3 gear”

“We were constantly exposed by speedy Blades attacks. Zakuani found Sharp a handful all game. The Blades forwards too quick, too bright and too experienced for Santos. Blades are far better at attacking than defending, but they controlled Washington with ease ”

“Beaten by a much better side that were organised and more skilful. Sheff.Utd will be near the top for sure “
“Firstly, it is fair to say we were well and truly beaten by a much better side. They had much more skill, movement, passing ability and it appeared desire. Equally we have to be aware that they no doubt have a much larger budget.”

“Sheffield Utd arrived with a proven manager and a forward line we can only dream about, with strength throughout. Campbell-Rice was even only a sub to start off with, but he was able to run rings around our defence.”

“My gut feeling is that t’Blades are a top four side but they’re not runaway winner material like a Bristol City.
More that we made them look good “
“Last night they were taught a lesson in finishing not only by the guys from Sheffield”

By Roy

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