Blades 2-0 Blackpool

“No one cares anymore end of we’re shit, going down again and soon be playing in front of just the away fans. Whilst Karl is down there manning the kiosk trying to sell beer and hotdogs. “

“Why don’t you just close the club down oyston instead of all this pissing around”

“According to Ronald –
McDonald | “The difference between the two teams was one goal that shouldn’t have been allowed and one quality finish.” “

“Ha ha, just listening to the knob heads interview, he is basically saying Sheffield United were lucky.”

“He is being positive for the sake of being positive. By the sounds of it we got absolutely battered in the second half so why not discuss that and tell fans how we prevent this from happening. He talks about passing the ball better yet people on Twitter talk about the midfield not being able to string a pass together.”

“Were not rubbish, were fucking shit”

“ we got absolutely battered in that second half. “

“Have literally lost all hope in football now.
They will never leave and the only thing we can support that will resemble our town will be something like AFC Blackpool.”

“Everyone involved in this club should hang their head in shame. The fans have suffered long enough now “

“3 things from today.
The fans were superb.
Sheffield united were crap and there for the taking. Also Sheffield united fans were awful didn’t hear them once all game until the final whistle.
If the freekick went in at the start of second half i would of fancied us for 3 points. “

“Sheffield Utd were crap and there for the taking yet we didn’t or couldn’t do it, encouraging.”

“I Sat in Sheffield home end – 2 none descript teams so far – we’ve not been as XXXXXX as I thought we would be”

“As bad a game as I’ve watched all pre season et all. SUFC fans f.ckin embarrassing if the truth be known. Modern football”

“It’s in Billy Sharp’s contract that he scores against Blackpool.”

“Connor Sammon is pants but Billy Sharp is still a threat though and should be decent in League One.”

“Billy Sharp always scores against us.”

“Decent game, poor quality, didn’t deserve to come away with anything from the day.
But, I’m really confused by some of the chanting today.
We had the various anti Oyston stuff which I’m fine with and seems to be par for the course these days.
But there was “we’re so s**t it’s unbelievable” about 3 minutes into the game and “how s**t must you be…” throughout. Yet, there were chants celebrating Wes, Adam, Evatt, Sylvestre etc.
So why aren’t people supporting the team? If you don’t support the team because of the family, how can you possibly celebrate our recent heroes that were brought in under KO’s stewardship.
Anyone care to explain? “

“It’s simple
The idiots who keep going are as bad as the Oystons”

“ Completely agree, if you’re still going to matches especially home matches I don’t think you will ever change.
You have been institutionalised by the Oyston regime and you will never understand that this is no longer Blackpool FC, just another Oyston run company.
Please stop.”

“Home and away ….Every single person needs to stop
I don’t care if you like it, just do the right thing”

“Agree with the sentiments. I had some notion that going away only would be taking a noble stand against the owners.
But it’s not. It’s just validating the ‘team’ that the owners allow the manager to put out. There is no team, just a collection of footballers with no where else to play, so there is nothing to watch.
If everybody (and i mean everybody) stopped going as of now, the owners would be gone in weeks. So just stop going. “

“The ones who keep going are thick as f uck”

“Our fans were a disgrasce today. Ok we sang 90% oyston out but where necessary backed the team. People just sat there “who want to watch football” some not even chanting. Why bother going”

“Some of the pacifists are starting to rebel and dont even clap & singalong to this fearsome chant anymore:
“Come On The Pool
Come On The Pool” “

By Roy

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