“257 tickets sold in advance for Shef Utd away so far, despite the game being POTG.”

“What’s more worrying is that people are going to go!
We are fucking shit at the moment, and not worth a journey anywhere.”

“ Where have the Pool fans gone. Cos none are home and away. It really is a sad time. Ardent fans won’t even go away anymore. They are giving up, and these were fans that had Blackpool FC deep in their hearts, and ones that wouldn’t pay Oyston a penny but said they were prepared to POTG have walked away from it all.
What is the answer ? I haven’t a clue. Is Oyston driving us back to where it all began ? Yes.
Is an invasion the only way, but if numbers aren’t there, there is no point.
But many on here backed another invasion, but if a head count was done, heads would be missing.
Can we win the war…not sure.”

“Sorry but what’s the point of travelling all that way to see your team dicked?”

“Cos we want to. Got a problem with that. We will keep you and all the other warriors informed on away games, and home protests cos that’s what we do, to keep forums like this busy.
Getting near the point of not contributing on here, Facebook etc.
United we stand…..Divided we fall.
The whole thing is doing my box in. So stay at home. But don’t tell me and all the others to not travel.
We are still BFC…..not OYSTON FC.
Uncle Val doesn’t care less, so we follow the Pool. “

“I used to be the proudest Blackpool fan about, used to be proud as fuck to show my colours. I won’t be seen dead in a Blackpool shirt anymore because it’s fucking embarrassing to be a fan of the club!
I don’t have the same emotional attachment anymore, when we score i just clap, when we concede i just laugh.
We have got a fucking manager who seems pleased with himself and finds it funny that we have just lost back to back home games against the mighty Rochdale and Burton!
What is there to believe in? The club is dead!”

“ I’m expecting Oyston FC to get a right good spanking on Saturday but knowing that we will probably scrape some scabby 0-1 win and the green shoots of recovery posts will appear… “

“That is the problem BFC is no longer about football “

“I have supported this club for 66 years first seeing them play in November 1949 and have never missed a season not seeing them play even when living abroad, but this season I am finding it very hard to get out and about and watch them play.
I went out to the car morning of the Colchester game, along with a sandwich and drink for the journey after phoning Colchester to make sure I could pay on the day and then just turned and went back inside the house.
I really do want to see the team play even though I wouldn’t recognise any of them in the street but the people who employ them have taken such extreme measures to alienate the fans that I find it hard to separate the issues.
I still feel down if we lose a match no different to what it was like ten or forty years ago, I would never want them to lose and that is part of the problem, I still have a long standing passion for the Tangerines and will continue to do so until death do us part.
I only wish I could muster the enthusiasm Mike and others going to see them play, as for them playing crap football well some of us have seen that from years ago, that would not be my excuse for not going but then we all know how that has come about.
We are all in this together, unfortunately we have different ideas of how to cope with the situation and how to remedy it, if only that 37,500 who went to Wembley a few year ago could march on Bloomfield Road now that would be something special “

“Ive swapped possible glory, Bramhall Lane and Yorkshire hospitality for a car boot sale this Saturday. I believe we’re about 250/1 to win this one. Chris Basham hatrick (he still there?) all set up by Bob Harris (is he still there too?) “

“These days, I can only dream of having Bash in our team”

“I think we only have the two keepers, Boyce, Cameron, Cullen and the lad we got from Carlisle (name escapes me) who are decent. The rest are L2 at best and that’s pushing it!
We’re doooooooooooooooooooooomed I tells ya! “

“If we play like we did last night then we could be torn apart.”

“they are a cut above us”

“Predict that for 10% of the game, the ball will be humped in the air by our backs, in the vain hope our dwarves can outjump the massive Blades”

“ It’s a long way to go for a drubbing! “

“Sheff. Utd. 2-0 Blackpool.
Scoreline will paint one picture, but the stats will show another.
Possession 76%-14% in favour of the yorkies.
Shots 41-1
On target 28-0
Corners 15-1 “

“I will go for Sheff Utd 4-0 Blackpool”

“ Sheffield United 6 – Blackpool 0”

“4-0 half arsed performance from United”

By Roy

One thought on “Pre-Match View From Blackpool”
  1. Love your honest and frank thoughts, its easy to say never stop believing when the heart has been raped from your club, but as the saying goes things can only get better
    Yours, a long suffering blade x

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