“Thick Deedars getting mardy (over that Tevez billboard). They still get wound up over the Tevez thing, when in fact all they had to do to stay up was beat Wigan at home, and even if Tevez hadn’t scored on the last day and West Ham had drawn, Sheff U would have still been relegated cos they lost to Wigan “

“Fantastic….that’ll make them bleat even more”

“good photo opportunity for after our victory on saturday”

“It appears Carlsberg do do Billboards”

“What I didn’t understand about the “Tevez Affair” is that Javier MAschereno also played in the same game and had the same agent and deal as well.
West Ham should have been stripped of all points that they got whilst using both players that season. “

“Tevez is vilified more than Mascherano as he scored the goal that (in theory) relegated them. I also remember Sir Trevor being part of the investigation…hardly going to sanction his own club so heavily, was he? It was a farce from the start. “

“Also the fact that Mascherano barely played whilst he was there and only lasted half a season. He made 5 starts and a couple of sub appearances before leaving in January to join Liverpool on loan so wasnt even a West Ham player when it all really kicked off at the end of the season after the Blunts had gone down. “

“The point I can never quote get across to the Clowns is .
IFTevez hadn’t scored at Trafford …and the game had finished 0-0 …Sheffield United would still have got relegated and WHU stayed up
Ultimately Rob Styles relegated Sheff Utd on the opening day of the season for awarding a penalty for Chris Morgan’s “quote ” intention to foul Stevie Gerrard”

“However you dress it up he was inelligible to play.”

“The relevant compensation ( deemed necessary by some **** who in his own admission has never seen a game of football you do realise ? )…. has been paid
Nonetheless Sheff Utd are languishing one division above the basement of English Professional football . West Ham United aren’t “

“Funny seeing some of the Blunts trying to make out it wasnt a big deal…we know for a fact at the time they were bleating about it. That said at the end of the day it wasnt Tevez scoring that sent them down…all they had to do was not lose at home to Wigan who were also near the bottom yet they managed to fail to even do that!”

“Fully expect us to get hammered on Saturday with Banks and Gardener playing – praying Drew and SEB are fit so we don’t have to make do at RB and play Armand up top.
Looking froward to a day in Sheffield, suffice to say the match may ruin it! “

“Fully expect to lose this one. Not gonna bother, it only seems like the other week we were playing there before.”

“I think that we’re going to lose at Sheff Utd. Lets face it, the only reason we won against Barnsley is because they were rubbish in the second half. Our midfield with Banks in it isn’t good enough and we will be easily dominated as Sheff Utd are usually strong at home. We need signings asap, hopefully one will be done before tomorrows deadline. “
“I want to believe but realistically we won’t win.”

“ So far we’ve beaten an outfit most expected us to lose to, and lost to an outfit most expected us to beat.
And don’t forget that the Blunts will be under all sorts of pressure after their four-nil hammering last week. “

“ Can’t see us taking 2000. A lot of negativity flying about but still piss poor to say it’s 15 mins down road , in my opinion anyway.”

“The opening two games have seen us winning plenty of corners but still not really any greater threat than last year. If the style of play is going to mean we get corners then we need to convert more.
Last night we were defending corners using a zonal system with no one up field. Not sure if it was the same on Saturday. I’m not a great fan of zonal marking but given how abject we were defending corners last season perhaps it will work.”

“We scored from a corner against Barnsley.
Re. defending them, I hate having everyone back. I really don’t understand the logic. If you leave someone up then the opposition has to keep an extra man back so… what’s the point in having everyone back? There is zero chance of retaining possession up the field after a cleared ball if you’ve got nobody up there but both Cook and Saunders do/did this so there must be logic somewhere…”

By Roy

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