Blades 2-0 Chesterfield

“Please could we have a go at not conceding after 2 or 3 minutes of the start/re-start in the next match? and shit, maybe even try to take advantage of one of the ten + corners we get “

“Well done blades frustrating for us but caught napping for both goals. Whilst controlling most of the play we did nothing.
Not good enough that we couldn’t score on balance of play.
Che adams just like a young kevin davies good player. Him and Sam morsy for us looked the 2 genuine championship players.”

“Sammon played ok I thought found his level”

“Well done United.
Disappointed. But on a day where there wasn’t much between the teams, it was a case of Adams having a blinder whilst we’re still papering over cracks at full back at midfield. We were unlucky at times, but sometimes it doesn’t happen.”

“Two ordinary sides, I thought.
We enjoyed possession but lacked the quality to capitalise whilst gifting two soft goals. Credit for the finishes, mind. Our right back Talbot guilty for the first and that seemed to effect him for the rest of the game.”

“neither side will trouble the top six. The bottom six might be a different story, though. And after another litany of departed souls over the tannoy I’ll be wearing a black tie for my next visit to Bramall Lane. Are they sponsored by a funeral parlour or summat?. Our young Yank made a difference however the Blunts either hacked him down or he lacked the nous/experience to deliver telling pass Someone in the post-match pub suggested last season’s side would’ve pi**ed it today, an argument it’s difficult to deny. ”
“Sheffield United looked a poor side”

“We’re still above the blunts in the league”

“There’s no shame in losing to club with a massive budget compared to us as long as we gave ourselves every chance in our preparation and during the 90 minutes. “

“I wouldn’t imagine many sides will win at Rammel lane”

“Did anyone see the Blunts kit for this season, no bacon stripes they look more like Stevenage “
“Blades stewards. Slate em when they “go over the top” but they need slating when they go “awol”.Why were fans allowed to stand in the aisles to watch the game,surely a safety issue.And as for the leary behaviour of the fans on the concourse at halftime,not something to be proud of with stewards totally ineffective. “
“Only good thing to come out of Sheffield is chesterfield road”

“I’d add Pulp & the Arctic Monkeys plus Jack Lester to the small list. “

“….and ABC and The Human League.”

“Richie Humphries folks. Richie Humphries. “

By Roy

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