Blades 3-1 Doncaster


“They were were dog. All 3 goals were gifted by shocking defending, not a sending off and Adams dived. We were diabolical but the blades are far from promotion hopefuls on that performance. Looking forward to a relegation campaign now “

“They wont be top 4 playing like that or without getting more players in”

“We are crap not denying it, all their goals came from defensive errors though and has for dominating we had 10 men and they hardly made the keeper work. they will probably finish in the top six because they have the resources to recruit but I wouldn’t get over excited by yesterday as I thought they looked a poor side. “

“They were crap”
“Sheff utd, yes they are one of the better side’s in this league, and we have no divine right to expect to win, but they were playing in a derby game, where was the concentration?, the lack of football intelligence is unbelievable!. “

“We’re crap”

“We played against a good side today who i exepect to lose in the play off final today. “

“Until the sending off it was two teams who didn’t look particularly special and evened each other out. The sending off was at the other end of the pitch so I didn’t get a clear view but it looked like McKenzie went lunging in. He’s got history in that department. Pretty stupid thing to do. 1st and 2nd goals I think Taylor-Sinclair has a lot to answer for being out of position and giving the ball away stupidly. Third goal was another error by Butler I think. Sammon ran us ragid all game unfortunately. Their support was absolutely terrible – one of the quietest away grounds I’ve been to in a while. Our new lad looked alright, a few bright moments, but didn’t get much of a look in. “

“we were second best”

“ Sending off was a bicycle kick clearance.”

“ We got what we deserved I thought.”

“the sending off was very very harsh as he had his eye on the ball all the time never a sending off not even a booking. and yes i was there “

“Very difficult to tell from the away end. I did feel that the crowd made the refs decision for him though and it was noticeable that the player affected didn’t need the physio to come on and treat him.”

“No one could have seen it from the away end, we were all too far back. The question is really why was McKenzie flinging his legs around in a crowded penalty box 3 yards out from goal? A bit more mental composure is needed.”

“Firstly both teams were poor but we were worse. The sending off was harsh according to commentary and Blades fans at that end, McKenzie did raise his foot but their player dipped his head and neither looked at anything but the ball. I’m not saying it would have made a difference because we didn’t take the game to them but it didn’t help “

“I agree that there was no malice in MacKenzie’s challenge. But it was just stupid. If you go diving in with your foot 4 feet off the ground, you are giving the ref an easy option to send you off. You just don’t do it. “

“Never a red card in a million years
They were both as high as each other the other bloke just got there before him “

“ Went in the Sheffield Tap following the recommendations. Full of middle-aged denim glad real ale aficionados. “

“Excellent ales in the tap, cheers for that tip DW but the Howard was pretty crap – the only food they were serving was burger, burger & chips or chips!! Called in a couple more places which were ok then found a cracking fish & chip shop just outside ground. Went straight to Tap from game and a good day was had – except the match obviously!!
And in speaking to a number of blunts on way home, non said it was a red card – 2 players totally committed and looking at the ball – yellow card all day! Spoilt the game but we would probably still have lost!”

By Roy

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