Blades 3-2 Rochdale

“Can’t believe we lost that. Onwards and upwards to Tues. Keep playing like that we’ll be ok. Defending corners though…. “

“For f@!k sake Dale!!! Stop doing that!!!!!! Don’t concede as soon as you have scored a goal!! That’s so shit!!!”

“Adkins “we knew with Rochdale’s zonal marking we’d be a threat from corners” Amen”

“Thought we played well and deserved at least a point. Bit of quality and yet again conceding from a corner costing us”

“11 goals conceded in the last 4 games after a great start when 7 were conceded in the first 8 games.
Clearly a worry. Perhaps it’s time to play last seasons best defender to sort out our major problem defending set pieces.”

“Shocking defending for all the goals”

“why are we bringing every single man back for corners… just invites pressure onto us should we clear it. “

“I cant believe we lost to Sheffield Utd – we normally do so well against them.”

“deserved something out of that after the 2nd half performance”

“We are now falling down the table, and won’t stop falling until, either we reach rock bottom, or we sort out our defending.”

“Did anyone expect points today? “

“what I don’t expect is to get back into the game and not once but twice allow the opposing team to get a goal back within minutes. Just like at Milwall, we have conceded after scoring too often. But yeah its ok because Sheff Utd are a big club eh?”

“We played well enough for a point today. That we didn’t get it was nothing to do with the opposition, Sheff Utd will admit they were grateful to win.”

“great skill from Adams to wrong foot Rafferty then finish. Sometimes you just have to applaud decent forward play. “

“To be fair it was a great cross from Billy Sharp and it went over the head of Rafferty and Adams took advantage, the quality was in the persistance of Sharp out on the wing, fantastic delivery”

“Mendez-Liang was our best player today, worked hard and really ran at the Sheff Utd defence. Alessandra also looked decent, and his goal was well deserved (though the keeper should probably have done better). To concede within three and one minute of equalising is unacceptable. Both were the result of completely switching off, the corner that lead to the third goal was only the result of a last ditch challenge as they ran through our entire team from kick off. I listened to Radio Sheffield on the way home, and Nigel Adkins almost word for word said “we know they defend zonal from corners, and we knew we could exploit it”. If every other team in the league can see it’s not working (and take advantage of it), surely the management can see this too. Played well enough today to get at least a point, but avoidable errors again mean we came away with nothing. “

By Roy

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