Oldham 1-1 Blades




“ Definately the better team and unlicky not to be winning”

“Still need to be taking 3 points from the games we do manage to dominate”

“They looked a very average side,”

“Top effort from the lads today, but these officials are making it to obvious they are on a Bung !!!! Fecking joke refereing”

“I actually thought they were the best officials we have seen for a long time in the first half. Its like they have had a brain transplany at half time “

“A bit lucky when Sheffild missed two from six yards but after reffing performance we saw today thn we deserved good fortune! “

“I listened to the game on Radio Sheffield, and they (unsurprisingly) didn’t agree with the home fans criticisms against the ref. The co-commentator decided that the Main Stand were moaning just because we have ‘an old fan base’. “

“Ref gave them everything in both halves for me. This was epitomised 2nd half when their lad pushed Burn while the ball was still 10yds behind him and the ref gave the subsequent tackle as a foul against Burn. He seemed to have the big club syndrome with them. Allowed Adams and Baxter to get in his ear and was happy to listen and even laugh along with them.
How Baxter’s knee back isn’t a pass back, I will never know. The ref signalled that it hit his thigh – is that not simply an extension of his foot, thus an indirect FK 10yds from goal? “

“Ill take a point after the red card – which was a joke – but thought we were the better team before that. The signs are there that we are good enough even if half our team are loanees. Need that first half performance consistently.
As for the red only the foul he actually got sent off for was a foul imo and even then i dont think that was a booking.
Said first half the ref was the best ive seen for a long while – for both teams but he lost the plot second half.
Sheff missed a few sitters especially after the red but id have been dissappointed to lose that.
Best performance this season for me. Sheffield fans prob think im mad for saying it but we really have been that shite. I dont make away games often”

“ I’ve never seen away support boo their own team when they come over to applaud at the final whistle when they haven’t lost.
Truly amazing.”

“Enjoyed that today, said I would take a draw and boy Sheffield obliged us.
Loved how the united fans booed their own team off..hahah”

“They want to try 20 years in League One.
4/5 seasons is nothing.”

“I don’t think Sheff United were as bad as being made out, had sharp put away one of the three sitters he missed then it would be a different story.”

“It seems Most are happy with another draw and 1 point. Well im not! “

“I’m not happy neither people going on about being happy because we’ve now got a four sided ground, we we’re very lucky not to have been 1-5 down at half time, the amount of chances and open goals they missed was unreal. We are going down and that’s a fact,”

“They had 3 shots on target all game.”
“As usual their fans called us dire. Really first half we out passed them. We hear boos at Latics but their fans really vented anger at their players at the end maybe they realise they ain’t nothing special. “
“ Considering the budgets of us and them and they were one of the favourites to go up I think we did ok today a good point.Two gents didn’t help us (ref and linesman) but Sheff Utd playe
bullied them not right my book. Dunny has to learn quickly Dieng should have been on 5 mins before Burn was sent off Sharp was winding him up “

“They are not world beaters these guys, they are not too far up from Pub football that I used to play. “

“league one (third division) players forty years ago were so much better than today it’s untrue. Fitter yes but that’s about it. “

“Baxter was a disgrace in the sending off. The officials must have got back on the Sheffield coach (bent in my view). “

“Baxter is clearly a class player we all know that but a waste as deep lying midfielder?
Can pass but their fans getting frustrated that he like to go back and at times loomed like he was running through treacle. Not the body language of a happy footballer.
Looked a lot sharper & looked to enjoy his football with is. Maybe he doesn’t like the position & surley can’t be many better in the final third in league 1?
Those who think Croft is carrying weight then Baxter must be joining him at the buffet”

“Must admit I did find it strange seeing him in that position, thought maybe they were using him as a playmaker threading balls through and thank god he was not used as a striker because that last one after effort after they hit the post was a mile wide.
Should have pushed him up further when we went down “

“ I had a lot of respect for him before today. He was a disgrace today the way he helped get Burn sent off. Drugged up and fat he is a disgrace to this division and football.”

By Roy

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