“The opening of the new stand on Saturday yet I have never looked forward to a game less.”

“Saturday is the big day regading the stand. Anyway Sheffield Utd have been given an extra 500 tickets so there will be a few coming over”

“I’m no looking forward to Saturday. “

“Won two tickets for the game on Saturday”

“My Condolences”

“It has been as obvious as the nose on your face that the lack of another experienced centre-back is a major, major requirement for the squad. Unfortunately this fact should have been remedied at the start of the season, not a quarter way through. It is easy to sit on the sidelines and criticise BUT as sure as day is day the total lack of planning prior to the season commencing is there for all fans to see. Dunn and OAFC are in a shocking position “

“It’s a game where we could murder them or get murdered!!!
If we lose tomorrow then a season that promised so much will be as good as over apart from perhaps a relegation struggle.”

“When was the last time we murdered any team other than Dale? Its very rare and even rarer against teams who are nailed on top 6, I’m afraid I fear a drubbing Saturday. “

“Season over in mid October if we lose to an expensively assembled Sheffield United side???
Ok then. “

“All I have to say is don’t play Connor Brown.  Please don’t play Connor Brown.  If I find out whist having my pint in the Rifle Range that Connor Brown is starting I will be tempted to go home.  Please don’t play Connor Brown. “

“Despite already having a ticket I would contemplate the same. “

“Never have so many cared so much about a fullback. “

“We are currently paying £10:15 a goal at Boundary Park”

“Ricardo Fuller has signed should be quality! Next Fabian Brandy please 3 up top with Poleon! “

“Baxter is going to destroy us on Saturday”

“give anything to have Jose Baxter back on the hollowed boundary park turf “

“Still find it funny that Jose Baxter left us to supposedly advance his career and he’s still playing in league one”

By Roy

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