Blades 3-0 Worcester

“Well done lads, a gallant effort and no disgrace.
But when we were 1-0 down where were our Big Gun Goalscorers who might have got us back into it, like Geddes and Hughes?? The self-defeating stupidity of indiscipline.
Stiill once again a Great Cup run and proved again that we are a Great Club, with Magnificent Support, Great Day..and NOW there’s a certain league position that needs some attention. “

“Largely I think the players did well. The score didn’t reflect the game, and for large parts of the 90 minutes we kept them honest.
The achievement is getting this far, so we should not be too downhearted.”

“I think their defence was the big difference, played tight to our forwards and gave them no chance plus their No. 20 who was tricky all afternoon. Otherwise a good day out in a very nice place”

“Was relieved to go in 0-1 at half time. And for a while in the second half we looked more dangerous – and the Dunkley chance looked so close.
Poor Minihan had a torrid time against Campbell-Ryce. But Vaughan and the rest of the back 4 were outstanding. I also thought Deeney looked classy in midfield. We had very little up front though against a very strong defence. A Lee Hughes type presence, making like difficult for their centre backs, would have been useful today.
So a bit harsh at 3-0 I thought. But yet again the players and management team did us proud.
We need to remember these big cup games usually come around every 15/20 years – not twice in two seasons.
So we should cherish them and simply enjoy the whole occasion.”

“Makes you proud that our superb fans managed to get the concessions stall(s) shut at half time, not even Millwall managed that.”

“Thought we were unlucky. Agree that on another day Hughes may have put 1 away”

“We gave them far too much respect I think. Stood off nearly all game and just let them knock it around at ease. When we did close then down and hurry them, they made mistakes and if we’d have done that in the first half, it could have been different.
Their winger Campbell-Rice was top draw, had Minihan in his pocket who looked slow. Tyler came on, kept him at bay a couple of times, and then he swapped wings to try on their right. Hughes and Geddes badly needed today, unfortunately. “

“I would have rather taken 1,000 actual city fans to Sheffield than the 2.5k of which we will never see 1.5k of again, some of whom decided to paint our club (not their club) in an extremely poor light with their actions and some rather tasteless chants. I was also annoyed by 5 lads who decided to stand up for much of the first half obscuring the view of a chap and his 5 year old son, as well as a couple of old timers sitting behind them.
Thoughts on the game were that ultimately, the scoreline was about right. Vaughny kept us in it and without him it could have been 6 or 7. Minihan struggled badly against Campbell-Ryce and I was disappointed in Gater and Burton. Gater looked scared and Deon just didn’t look up for it. I think Lee Hughes would have carried much more of a threat up front. I also thought Heeley might have thrown Andre Brown on instead of Harrad, who for me, has done absolutely nothing since he signed for us.
We didn’t embarass ourselves but I did feel we could have made them work a bit harder, they never really got out of 2nd gear. Having said that, you forget they are chasing Championship promotion so we can’t be too critical. “

“I suppose we were spoiled last season. Today Sheffield were a different kettle of fish altogether from last years opponents. Once they took the lead they got into their rhythm, controlled the game while City did well to go in just the 1 goal down. Second half we went close when Nti powered down the right and put over a low cross that evaded both Dunkley and Burton and was scrambled behind for a corner. Man of the match for City was Vaughan who kept the score down until the end when United sealed it with 2 late goals. Today the gap between the teams was evident. Apart from isolated moments we struggled to put them under any pressure, on the occasions we did there seemed possibilities but we lacked incisiveness.”

“Was I watching a different match, or just wearing rose tinted glasses.
Yes we were given a lesson in football for the first 1/2 hour, but then we started playing a better game.
I thought the penalty was a bit harsh & as the ref only gave a yellow (inside the box?, but some near me thought it was a definately penalty.!”

“It was most definitely a penalty, no question, and it should have been a red, but the proximity of the keeper saved him I think.
Don’t get me wrong, we held our own against a far better side, so I’m still proud, but I just think we could have done better. “

“we could do without the minority who spoilt the enjoyment of others & stopped the sale of food or drinks at half time, mindless irresponsible only turn up at cup games unneeded morons…also the stupidity of SUFC selling bottled beers & then not marshalling supporters not to take on to the terraces, then saying they were not allowed but did not confiscate… & last but not lease why can people not read the signs of NO SMOKING in this area & then standing by toilets dragging away,,, oh forgot those once a year fans who could not wait to leave & not had the courtesy to applaud the city boys, yes not our best performance but did not deserve the 3-0 score it flattered SUFC”

“I don’t think we have anything to be ashamed of. It was close. Utd didn’t create that much in the first half, and two late goals made the scoreline harsh. Good to see the home side applaud our players off. Nice ground, with a good view of the pitch. The home supporters were decidedly nervous until the second goal went in. They didn’t make much noise????
Agree with other posts – Hughes and Geddes would have made it a different game.
Seeing the travelling support just reminds me what a big club we are and it’s desperately sad to realise how precarious our position is.
We ARE NOT a pub side.
Congratulations to Sheffield Utd and apologies for our drunken “suporters”.”

“The attendance was definitely more than 11k…even the Sheff Utd fans have said that on their forum, it appears they havent accounted/factored in all the ST holders who got in free somehow. The ground looked more half full so around 15k.
Not much to add regards the game as i echo the majority on here, Geddes and Hughes missing were a huge loss to our goal threat and creative and movement side of things, and i think that made us try to play a more containing type game rather than the more up tempo pressing and zipping the ball around we did vs Gateshead and during last years run. We did show a few flashes of it and it did rattle their cages somewhat as Campbell Ryce aside with a couple of others their side wasnt blessed with that much pace. “

“Well, my thoughts are that, taking into account the chances Sheffield had (the saves by Nathan and some sitters missing the target), the scoreline was a true reflection.
I know that 3-0 seems a let down, but we need to realise that Sheffield were a full-time professional outfit that play at a high level with a combined weekly wage bill that is probably more than the City playing budget for the season.
In the main, they were a big powerful unit with the exception probably being Campbell-Ryce who was probably their best player. That guy is a very tricky winger and many a full back would have struggled against him (so in some respects it was a good test for Sam Minihan).”

1 No refreshments at half time, nothing to do with me that drunk fans were allowed in. What happens if someone has a medical need that might require some food or drink or explaining to a youngster that they cannot have promised food or drink. Disproportinate and I will make my feelings known to SUFC.
2 No programmes to buy in the ground.
3 PA system inaudible “

Thanks to all at WCFC for organising the day, and all at SUFC for their hospitality in what is a great stadium. I found all SUFC fans and staff to be very friendly, and hats off to them for the Remembrance Day ceremony which was impeccably staged and observed. totally correct decision to close bars and refreshments kiosks. Not disproportionate at all. Why should SUFC staff feel intimidated and threatened by aggressive, drunken, and moronic ” once a year supporters ” whose lack of intelligence confuses supporting your side with chants, to goading the opposition fans with chants of ” where’s your steel gone ? “, ” one Maggie Thatcher “, ” Jimmy Saville – he’s one of your own ” etc. It was bad enough for me as a City fan to have to suffer these cretins, so why should their staff have to pick out who to serve and who not ? I thought that SUFC handled the situation perfectly, as what else could they do ? A youngster going without food and drink for an hour is hardly a hardship, and I’m sure that any medical need would have been addressed.
– Programmes – loads on sale outside, plus i saw a SUFC seller walking around the front of the tier selling them inside 15 minutes before kick off
– PA system – I’ve heard worse so to speak”

“In post match conversation a couple of aged Blades fans, rather than having anything complimentary to say about our performance, told me that Minihan should have been sent off. I can’t see that he was deliberately denying an opponent a clear goalscoring opportunity.
They also didn’t accept my view that the third goal was offside but from what I saw there was only one City player between their scorer and the goal when the ball went to him.
I wasn’t in the away end so I don’t know what mischief took place. But if the police presence has to be paid for presumably we have to foot part of the bill?
I think the attendance yesterday was the highest of the round? “

By Roy

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