Crewe 1-0 Blades

“Finally fucking won. “

“Jesus, Sheffield United were bad today. We actually deserved to win, which feels bizarre to say. “

“I actually can’t believe I’m saying this, we deserved to win that game, this wasn’t like the fortuitous backs-to-the-wall wins like at Shrewsbury and Barnsley, this was a complete performance and a deserved victory to match. Sheffield United though, they’ll be here for a very long time if they play like that again, just no cutting edge up front at all, like us but with a bigger wage bill.”

“Our media man said last season the difference in wage bill was five-fold. £5.5 million against £1.2 million. “

“Well I had a feeling we’d win this.
Blades all over us for first 15 to 20 mins and it looked like we could get over run but we gradually got a foothold on the game and in the end deserved to nick it I think.”

“Sheff Utd were pretty damn terrible. I mean, so bad they started passing to our substitutes on the side of the pitch. So today doesn’t convince me”

“The back 4 were excellent, reduced a decent set of strikers to pot shots mostly. eff U, I thought they were the best team we’ve played at home this season. Not saying much, but they were tough to knock off the ball, had some tidy players and looked a threat. Adams was their best player, gave Turton real dramas all game. Done also caused problems, Sharp though was anonymous. I see a few of their fans didn’t take the result well after the game, booing the players and making angry gestures towards them. I can see why they are so dissatisfied, they should be doing much better than they are doing, especially with that squad.
Well, in terms of general performance, it was pretty even. Both sides had a handful of chances, but struggled to create much. But we deserved to win simply because we scored and they didn’t “

“Best team we’ve played at home? What?”

“ a great, great, great, great, great, great….GREAT! Result!”

“A win really does taste sweet after so long”

“Well what a TRICK C.A have done yet again to Sheff Und a Real BOOGYMAN by Inman,and No Ghouls against at last! Crewe laid a Real Bogey in this game,as if it had gone wrong it would have been the Worst run of home defeats since1894 (ya that bad) However lets Rejoice and let off some Sparkling performances by the team.”

By Roy

One thought on “View From Crewe”
  1. What a total disgrace of a response, totally illiterate and a complete embarrassment to anyone with a modicum of intelligence. If you need to post, do it without making us all look like we have never been to school. Complete tosh! Apologies Blades fans.

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