Blades 1-2 Millwall

“A special mention must surely go to a very young and inexperience midfield. Well done Ben, Fred, George and Aiden. Got to be the youngest midfield playing anywhere in the country today.”

“Did not expect that result today, i think this could set us up for the rest of the season.
Confidence must be really high in the dressing room. Well done Neil and the boys.”

“Brilliant result and it was just about beating Utd,it was about sticking it to that smug arrogant ungracious loser Adkins,the kind of cunt who should be managing Palarse… “

“What are the odds that they’ll sack their manager after this?”

“That was a proper good game, attacking football, well derserved”

“the rest of this division should be very afraid we are on the march now,to go there with such a young side and win bodes well,now we need jackett to do us a favour and give us saville for rest of the season”

“That’s made my weekend, what a result at away from home at a side that has been beating premier league sides for fun in recent times.”

“for a side that’s scored 14 goals in their last 4 home games and is supposedly one of the favourites for auto promotion,that was a pretty poor performance.
well done boys,you took the game to them and they had no answer.”

“Great result, great noise from the wall supporters,”

“A great result at a difficult ground. In true Blades style

“The reason it kicked off so early is Because everytime we’ve played in Sheffield we’ve handed out a few slaps to the local whippet worriers.
It’s to stop us travelling in numbers, drinking and doing the same again. Yorkshire just doesn’t like Millwall.”

“It was due to Rotherham playing Sheff Wed so the old bill ordered us to change our kick off time then sky fuck us over by changing the Rotherham game to Friday”

“It is to commemorate 800 years of Magna Carta. “

“ Didn’t they actually bring a proper firm down few years back with serious intention – which got turned over.
Lived up near London Road, Sheffield for a bit…the BBC always came out for us.”

“I wouldn’t believe what Wednesday fans say (relating to a thread on Owlstalk about supposed trouble on London Road)…from living up there they are the crystal palace of the north!
United are the football club for proper football fans up there!”

“The level of exaggerating (on Owlstalk) is nothing short of fantasy. A few scuffles but we were out all night and the most interesting thing that happened all night was my mate pulling a 53yr old slag. I think he’s down the clinic as we speak

By Roy

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