“ The Blades seem to be on a bit of a roll at the moment – a win would be brilliant, but I reckon a point would not be the end of the world. “

“at least the team are now playing well now”

“Not a good feeling on this one, but we raise our game against the bigger clubs”

“Carlos Edwards is banned for Saturday”

“Gonna miss Edwards “

“we are virtually down to the bare bones and there are not a lot of choices. “

“yes, we are down to the bare bones, but if you think about it, the likes of Walsall, Gillingham and Burton (all at the top) would dearly love to bring in players with the pedigree of Cummings (promotion winner to PL) and Lee Martin (experienced Championship level player), no matter how much we turn our noses up at them – especially if those clubs had suffered losing 4 key players to injury or suspension. At the end of the day 4 key players are missing. Yet, on the bench we are still able to field an international goalkeeper, an experienced, promotion winning defender from this division, and a raw, but no longer inexperienced talent in Fred. We are away at the biggest club in the division…you’d hope he would put in as best as display as possible (which helped Reading get promoted to the PL once).”

“Nick clegg pro EU voters. 1
Donkeys led by lions. 2”

“This is it lads.
We have the Banner (Welcome Refugees Banner), we have the seats, we have the train tickets.
Saturday is the day we make a big, bold statement to the rest of the footballing community that we are not just a set of moronic, xenophobic, racist cunts – and that we actually care about economic migrants (including the Scots).
I’ve had a word with Steve, one of the Operations blokes up there and told him about our plan with the Banner. He sucked his breath in and said he didn’t know out the locals would react.
Evidently, they are not too keen on coons and suchlike up in South Yorkshire. He said we are welcome to display the Banner, but at the merest sign of a riot, then it’s coming down – no questions asked.
We are plotting up at The Shakespere’s Head (07.05) for breakfast. Then on the 08.26 out of St Pancras. Anyone who fancies giving us a lift with the banner is welcome to come along.
As it’s a 12.15 kick-off, perhaps a Thermos flask and a pack of sandwiches may be the order of the day – by the time we’ve cracked a few heads together in Shoreham Street, there may not be time for the all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet at Noodle Doodle’s.
Any of you lads with a megaphone, hi-vis jacket or uncut Charlie? Then tag along with us. “

“Have you thought this through,
Sheffield is full of hills. Dozens of the buggers. Well, seven anyway. It would be bloody hard work carrying this thing about. And seeing how Wards brewery is, tragically, no longer around to slake the thirst this will build up, you can count me out….”

“Last night I asked my good wife to strip naked and stand on the bathroom scales – she weighed-in at a very lithesome 13 stone 5 pounds; not bad for her height of 5′ 2″.
I then handed her the Banner; the scales just tipped 16 stone. To my calculation that makes the Banner 37lbs – say eight blokes, just over four bags of sugar each. Easy. “

“ These are hills. In Sheffield. Where it is always windy and often as not rains. Where the best view you may get will be a chippie or charity shop. Or, if you are really lucky, Rotherham. Where you will be denied jaw-dropping perspectives of snowmelt rivers but instead offered smelly, turgid, supermarket trolley-clogged brooks from atop graffiti-ravaged bridges. Where you don’t tread carefully to avoid llama or yeti dung but the curried and kebab-ed contents of a stomach which the previous night had endured ten Carlsbergs too many.
Also, I suspect you will place far too much faith in the navigational skill of Obes, eschewing my Geography ‘O’-level just because he hired a narrow boat once and cruised three miles of the Grand Union. It will mean we will probably walk for hours and, with our weary legs about to buckle under the weight of that fucking flag, arrive at the bolted gates of Hillsborough instead of Bramall Lane. Also, my great-great grandmother (dating from the early 1820s), great-grandmother and grandfather all on my dad’s side all hail from Hull. Which means I still have enough Yorkshire DNA to resent buying a round for eight as, doubtless, I will be tapped up as I do, indeed, buy most of my clobber from Jermyn Street. As well as my hats from Bates. However, for the aforementioned reason, ’twas not I who gave the fiver tip. “

“Thanks for the heads-up concerning Hillsborough; I always get it mixed up with Bramall Lane, easy mistake to make, I suppose.”

“Does the banner say “Millwall welcome economic migrants (including the Scots) to Sheffield”? I think it should, much more inclusive for our South Yorki friends, you never know the Plod up there may appreciate it. Sheffield Wed are away Rotherham on Friday night so there is every chance there will be an enthusiastic crowd for the banner event, or even for us.
I can’t make the Shakespeare’s for 7:05, however I’m on the 7:08 out of Brighton and the 8:58 from St P’s, into Sheffield a bit after you.
At the ground are we in Jessica Ennis, I really hope so as I’m told that is a really comfy stand.”

“ Does Jess Ennis realise hundreds of ‘Wall are going to be inside her, shorty after midday?
I hate sloppy seconds….”

By Roy

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