“all eyes on this game this weekend(as its on telly and 2 biggest teams in league..mwah)
i would take a draw, sheff utd may be under achieving but they strike me as solid enough. che adams is out suspended though which is more than welcome
joe cole will be in squad now he is fit and maddison might make a come back too. probably the 2 most skillfull players in the league and we have both of them!
1-1 “

“Joe Cole is back and ‘flying in training’”

“If we get a win here, I will start believing that we can win this league.”

“We have a lot of pace in the team”

“Shame this one has been moved to a bloody 12pm kick off on a Sunday. Makes it an absolute ball-ache to get to and will damage the overall crowd number.
Should be a good game for the cameras between, let’s be honest, the two biggest clubs in the league.”

“Our defence has been pretty poor in the last few games and Sheffield United have some good attacking players.”

“Think we’ll win. There at home and will have to attack which will play into our hands with the pace of Murphy, Kent and Armstrong on the break. If we get an early goal, could be similar to Millwall away. Going to go 2-0. Big Ben and Armstrong.”

“Just looking at their front 6 (not in the same league to ours) but they really have got some more than decent players for this level didn’t realise quite how strong their side was. Thought they lost a few in the summer must have been mistaken.”

“Hardly Armstrong, Kent, Murphy, Fleck and co though, is it..”

“look at our form compared to them. They also have their top two players out injured.”

“Sheff United clearly aren’t as good as many predicted pre-season but we need to be wary of them”

“I have some bad memories of this ground from years back. Was it Dion missing a penalty, or have I managed to blur the memory.”

“I think we will win it they are missing 2 good players from what i read on their forum, we need to win in all fairness if want to keep tipping along battling for 1st”

“Blades always been a bit of a bogey team for me and so a win would be great to get rid of the hoodoo.”

“I tell ya summat don’t those comments (on the S2 forum) look like ours from last couple of seasons, I’m fookin lovin it.”

“have to agree its put smile on my face seeing other fans that were above us better team and manager now in awe at us and what we have done well TM has done in few months compared to what we were.”

“Their fans seem more focused on their cup game against manure”

“Hopefully their players are too”

“Hopefully 4-0 to us with a chorus of “we’re just too good for you” “

“1136 sold for the away end. More tickets on the gate.”

“Few more than I thought if I am honest. Would have been well over a 2000 had it not been on Sky, on Sunday at a stupid time and just before Christmas.”

“Ridiculous that it’s all ticket. No valid reason for it as far as I can see.”

“You can buy tickets on the gate now
Sheffield United do this every year. Get as many guaranteed sales as possible by feeding misinformation re all-ticket”


By Roy

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