Blades 1-0 Coventry


“An error by the keeper ultimately cost us, however McEveley should have been sent off and at least a penalty awarded (that’s if the ball never actually crossed the line). “

“At the other end so never saw the handball nor alleged goal. We should have won that though. McEveley should have walked and Reice Charles-Cook needs to be dropped.”

“Just one of those days, Sheffield united should be down to 10, blatant handball not given and possible goal ruled not to cross the line.
Then one bounces off Sharps backside without him knowing anything about it”

“Think we lost the minute obrien went off , i also think that was the worst refereeing display i have ever seen live .
It was a goal , it was a handball , it was a sending off for hammond and mceverly,
We werent great today but good enough to get something .
Worst sheffield united side i have ever seen”

“I thought we lost our way of once Cole come on. Also when Sharpe came on for them you knew they we going for the 1 goal to win it.”

“We weren’t up to our standards today but Sheffield didn’t have a shot. 3 dropped and regardless of abysmal refereeing it’s the keepers’ fault.”

“Yes we did more than enough to win. They never caused us any problems. They are awful….probably the most overrated overpaid players in the league. I wouldn’t swap one of our players for theirs. They won’t finish to 6! watching that game today gave me more conviction that we will be top 6. We were a little of the boil. But we’re plain unlucky. Good tactics. I’m not worried!”

“They Are awful….I’m confident seen enough today to realise top 6 is a doddle in this poor league. We will give someon an absolute pasting soon.”

“We gave them a footballing lesson”

“Sheffield looked a very poor side – low on ability and confidence and the manager looks like a dead man walking.”

“They are a terrible football team. I’d be ashamed to be a fan of that team”

“Adkins knows it too”

“”We came in with a defensive game plan” fuck off Adkins you came in to kick us around and you got lucky with a really shit ref “

“Not sure they won a game of football!!!!! They won a game a kick ball! They are going nowhere!!”

“Look at that smirking twat (George Long), he knows it was in.”

“Their keeper pretty much sums their club up”

“when yoor players are being kicked off the pitch what are you supposed to do. Absolute joke “

“the ban for Ricketts will be upheld and the Football League will give Jay McEveley a peace prize on the same day.”

“Ref let game flow but my god his missed the big decisions today, sending off, penalty, goal.”

“Referee was definitely a homer”

“Shocking performance from him and the assistants. How Hammond was never booked again bemused me. 3 points lost but we’ve gotta move on and put it behind us.”

“Mcelvrap red! Hammond two yellows! Hand ball, ball over the line, Ricketts second never a yellow and fleck never a yellow”

“Honestly, one of the worst refereeing performances for a long time. If one team was to finish with 10 men, you wouldn’t have thought it would be us”

“The biggest reason I want to get out of this league is not because of the poor teams and poor attendances, its the piss poor officials we get on a weekly basis”

“Shocking performance not that he was that biased but bottled the big decisions and for all to see on TV will surely be marked down by assessor. Doesn’t excuse our inability to convert possession into chances, our crucial final passes are terrible and starting to cost us points”

“It was nice of the Football League to allow Utd to play Ozzie Rules to even up the contest.
I don’t think the ref did too badly: Sheffield used a strategy of constant niggly fouls, none of them serious enough for a booking and he gave a free kick each time. I think that there were a couple of mistakes: I think that that two-footed lunge on Lameiras could have easily been a straight red and Fleck was unlucky (not only did he get the ball but he withdrew his feet so as not to injure the other player). The goal not given was the linesman’s fault. “

By Roy

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