Scunthorpe 0-1 Blades

“8 goals in 11 home matches.
You were spoilt when we scored over 400 home goals in 10 seasons. “

“That’s the final straw, shambolic, no heart, out of ideas. Lost confidence from supporters”


“Can’t workout what system we trying to play they are good team we made them look great cold wet and angry”

“What do they do in training,surely they should be spending most of the week trying different routines to see which system works with the players available,because teams seem to have us worked out by now,we are now playing Knill style,slow,sideways and backwards,and like Matt said on radio if you play Henderson you need wingers,people didn’t like Brian Laws but the football we played ten years ago to get promoted to league one with Torps up front with Keogh and Sharp and Cleveland and Beags supplying the crosses seem like a distant memory. “

“Until we get a competent manager we are going to keep on playing like today and last Tuesday. We got away with it against Orient but not today. Not that Sheff Utd were much good either!”

“Hallowe’en since we scored a goal at home in the league.
Now that really is a horror story!”

“Absolutely clueless.
Adkins won this game at half time with his team talk.”

“ Sheff Utd were no better than we were. Billy took his one chance we fluffed the several that came our way. “

“Disgusting and a Disgrace.That is all I have to say about today. “

“It wasn’t that good “

“This is not an agenda !
Billy Sharp – lone striker they pass to him.
Poor Kyle – lone striker and he got less than scraps in the 1st half.
Billy Sharp – finisher, in the box.
Paddy Madden – finisher on the wing !
Says it all really.”

“Yet another poor system of playing, week after week we play the same old rubbish, the lads put plenty of effort into their game today, but we have to endure one up front, even in our home matches, this is so pathetic to watch. The mid-field and defenders passing side ways and backwards, then a big boot up the field, inevitably the defenders easily deal with it because we have no one to keep the ball up. For Robin’s to come out and say that we deserved a draw is beyond me, Sheffield had corner after corner each half, our forwards fed on scraps. “

“Robins will never be deserving of even been spoken about in the same sentence as Sir Nigel. What that man achieved here will never be repeated IMO. He’s up there with Jack Brownsword when thinking about all time club legends. It’s maybe to recent history for his true iconic status to show through for some but with time his place in the SUFC history books will become more and more apparent. “

“Adkins will be aghast as to how the football played under him as slid into the abysmal abyss of rubbish that will was on offer this afternoon. “

“You ought to hear what the Sheff Utd fans say about Adkins team style of play.”

“Why o why do some stupid fickle scunthorpe fans barrack Billy,he was probably the best striker we’ve had in the last 30 years,the more barracking he gets the harder and more determined he becomes,proves it every time he plays here!. Show the guy some respect, and learn not to try wind him up! He’s the one laughing and leaving gp with 3 points and another goal to his name “

“Gary Hooper is the best striker we’ve had in the past thirty years. “


“If we had a half decent team Billy would have been insignificant today, instead we have a very poor, unmotivated team so Billy came out on top.Billy scored because he played down the middle, with a partner, not out on the right wing starved of chances.Go figure…..”

“Billy and his partner got the ball as quickly as the goalkeeper could give them it. He didn’t wait for their defenders to all get back in place, then their midfielders to all get back in place,before letting go of the ball, as our goalkeeper has been instructed to. Their goalkeeper then does that little panto where he takes a drink, towels himself down, cleans his studs out…and another chuffin 5 minutes of my life disappears forever. “

“Sheffield Utd have one big problem and that is defending corners.So we stick are biggest threat on corners,Niall Canavan,one yard in front of their Keeper so that basically rules him out of scoring.IF you want to cause their goalkeeper problems by putting someone in front of him ,use someone who hasn’t a chance of winning the ball,like King(he does naff all everywhere else on the pitch).Another genius move. “

By Roy

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