“The football we play under Robins is so disgusting I have no desire to watch this terrible team and zero passion (like most the starting 11) left!!”

“Robins reckons some people dont like him. If the players put in the effort and desire they showed in the second half then I wouldn’t have any issues supporting him. A repeat of the first 45 against Orient and he could go tomorrow for me.
It’s the start of a massive week. Saturday is huge. Great start.”

“Usual shocking stuff against Orient. no real effort at goal and back to the wall and always passing backwards first half Bucks,second half we improved,and when we scored with the deflected shot we played well for fifteen minutes until we started prattling about around our area,then we got a third,at half time you would never have predicted it. “

“Tuesdays game epitomised all that is Scunthorpe United at the moment. It started out as being another mundane effortless capitulation at the hands of a team twenty places below us on home turf.At half time whistle boos rang out by the fans who protested against the standard of play and what their money had been spent on. It seems that the fans spoke as in the second half a transformation took place. Not a 100% improvement but it was clear effort was being put in. Had they continued as in the first half we would have been out and let down the fans and the club’s coffers.”

“I couldn’t watch first half it was awful performance by us In second half much better but still not good enough
If we play like that then we will lose every games “
“All we are asking for is to turn up and see a bit of attacking football, not mid fielders playing half a dozen sideways passes and then back for the keeper to boot up the field and no Scunthorpe players waiting for it.”

“the future is not bright if Robins thinks this type of football is going to get us success.”

“ How many times have we got to the edge of the penalty area ,not put it in the box,passed it about for thirty passes ,got back to the original position and then put it in the box…40+ home goals a season for ten years seems a distant past. “
“yes the long-ball game went out with the dinosaurs, but so did possession football in the safety of your own half with no end product.”

“First of four expected defeats tomorrow. i think if we played like we did first half against Orient we will get beat 3-0,if we play like we did second half maybe a draw.”

“We have a fairly good record against Sheffield United so I reckon we might turn them over. Two red cards in a feisty affair and a 3-1 win for the Iron.”

“I work with a Blade Matt and he thinks we’ll win for that very reason. They hate playing us, we’re their bogey side…. Thing is, this is a very different Scunthorpe United to previous years.”

“Same bogey side that got tonked 4-0 at their place last season?
I can remember failing to defend a lead against 9 men under Alan Knill a few years back, that was a low point.”

“This stuff only works if you have the talent in midfield to break forward or pick a pass and strikers who can pick the ball up in midfield and change the pace of the game by playing off each other , is Gary Hooper on a free yet? “
“Perhaps he should meet up for a coffee with Adkins before the game on Saturday and Nige can tell him what he needs to do to get the fans to love him! “

“At the end of the JPT final Adkins made the team stand on the pitch and watch Luton pick up the trophy. They’d rather have been in the shower I suspect but the experience galvanised them for their return in the playoff final. “

By Roy

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