“Got back late after deciding that the Sheffield Tap was a good option for sorrow drowning and missed a couple of trains. Gave me time to reflect on a pretty poor performance. Given that every game is vital, too many players didn’t perform and we were outmuscled too often. Yes, the ref let them get away with stuff but you just feel that earlier in the season we would have worked out how to outmanoeuvre them”

“Seeing the highlights the first goal was a great ball in. Right on the point for a keeper to have nightmares about and it took a bounce just over Taylor.
The second goal looked dreadful. If we want Rico to play left back then he has to defend better than he did! Wasn’t that their centre half that tucked him up and made the cross? We then proceeded to have 6 against 2 in the box and allow Sharp all the time in the world to control and score. “

“many of the players were under par but the more I reflect on yesterday’s abject performance, the more I feel that our shape and style disappeared and although every player has to take responsibility for his own effort and determination on the pitch, much of what he was involved in resulted in us losing possession and therefore breaking up any attempt at getting the ball into a potentially threatening position… We simply carried no threat whilst he was on the pitch.. “

“It was an off day that was down to Sheffield stopping us from playing how we wanted. We were forced to play long ball and we don’t have the players for it.”

“breathtaking non performance”

“the second half we looked a tad better but still could not muster so much as a shot on goal (sorry Forde slice might count) basically because United had switched off, knowing they were totally in control against inept opposition.”

“2nd was a very good finish which you expect from Sharp”

“Sheffield began with the same formation which pretty much cancelled each other out. The main difference being that when we had the ball they pressed us far more effectively than we did them and our midfield struggled to create anything of note. Sawyers and Bradshaw both out of the game for long periods if you exclude the long punts up the field to them. This because we were unable to play the ball out of defence and through midfield. Lack of movement and desire for the ball being the main factors.
both of their goals were the result of a couple of pieces of skill; anyone remotely interested in football has to admire Sharp’s finish. I thought it was superb at the time but looks even better in the highlights”

“What frustrated me most, apart from the totally inept and unconvincing performance, was the fact that EVERYONE knows that the Blades have ALWAYS succeeded with great wing play. We supported them all the way to let them have a great day out, and to them it was like a practice match against their reserves, very little opposition.”

“Billy Sharp, that Adams kid and Matt Done is a very good forward line for this division, I assume you heard Radio Rochdale after every game a while back praising Done to the high heavens.
No idea what Sheffield have been doing all season to be that low in the league, with that strikeforce they should be top 2 no problem”

“Bramall Lane is a nice ground but their supporters were shocking- about 19,000 of them there and not a peep whatsoever, even at 2-0. Good noisy away following from us even if the frustration did start to creep in in the second half”.

By Roy

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