“Don’t kid yourself Blades. We made that the easiest game you’ll have all season. “

“Blunts make a song and dance about their visit being our biggest game of the season but clearly our players didn’t seem to think so. Truth is United barely needed to get out of third gear and were gifted three goals. Hopefully things’ll be different for the same fixture next season. “

“How dare the management and team put that kind of performance on.
Defensively clueless, zero bite in midfield and no service to one up top.
I’ve mentioned before regarding defensive coaching of the players. Who the hell does it? Morgan? Wilson? Chester?
Someone needs to show them how to defend as a team as it looked pub team standard today.”

“We were that poor today we made the Blunts look like Barcelona Real Madrid and B Munich rolled into one”

“I thought Sheff Utd were a decent L1 side today. We were awful but they gave us no time on the ball whatsoever and were quicker and stronger throughout. We were thoroughly outplayed and it could have been worse. We need to get that last couple of points and give DW a pre-season to put his own stamp on the side.”

“They should be embarrassed with this performance.. How can you not get fired up for a local derby??? Its not as though Utd have been anything special!!”

“Lost to a bang average team 0-3 in front of that crowd!”

“Sheff U weren’t anywhere near as good as the scoreline suggests; pretty much all they had was to press hard and play for each other and we simply capitulated”

“Midfield is a joke. Liddle in mediocre to steady at best. Conner Dolmio ( ;-p ) to easily knocked off ball- a few nice touches and maybe one for the future. Gbolly,again frustrating.
One up front ain’t for me. The frustration Novak was showing shows he is struggling to play that roll.
Across the team today it was lacklustre and poor play. Sheffield Utd were a poor side, and if we attacked them with some passion and positive play and defended with level heads we could gave got something from the game. “

“Yesterday wasn’t a sell-out and we only got what we did because we gave them extra tickets.
Yes, there are Town out there fans who anti-sheffield for sure, me personally, i don’t care about playing (or losing to) Sheff Utd. What pisses me off is the dog shit performances that get served up every time we play at home and paying for some of the most expensive season ticket prices in the league for the privilege.”

“Please……..make it stop.
I really, really, really, really, really do not want to watch this absolute shower of a team pretend to be football players anymore. “

“The Morgan wave. Anyone else see it?? Yeh he’s a blunt legend but a Spireite now! Disgraceful “

“Seriously mate if your worried about Morgan waving to their fans after a performance like that ?” “Fair enough if town fans are happy with the assistant manager acknowledging away fans when we’re 1 0 down perhaps I’m out of touch! Remember this guy will probably be town manager one day! Wud they be chanting his name if town were 1 0 up??? “

“More importantly given Morgans reputation he seems to be completely incapable of motivating our players. I thought it was his remit, he isn’t likely to be hired for his brains or looks”

“I understand that your angry after that shower of sh*t today but Morgan waving to a set of supporters that still hold him in the highest of regards is the smallest of small fry. Don’t let a wave to the Utd supporters bother you cos I have absolutely no shadow of a doubt that, that defeat today hurt both DW & CM professionally.”

“He may be a legend down there but he is employed and paid by us. I wasn’t impressed by his wave (whatever the score) and I wasn’t impressed by his radio interview last week where he spent a proportion of it sympathising with the blunts plight and how they are such a big club who’s supporters deserve better instead of talking about us!
If he is still such a big blade and loves them that much then perhaps he should have stayed there! My jury is very much out on him atm but as other posters have said we have far more to worry about than that…. “ “Morgan could have w*nked off the entire front row of the north stand. The only travesty today took place on the pitch.”

“Morgan has heroic status amongst most Blades fans, so why anyone would have an issue with him acknowledging their fans even when we were losing to them is beyond me.
People really do like to moan about the most stupid things when we’ve lost!”

“Wasn’t keen on Morgan like anyone else who wasn’t a blunt, wasn’t keen on his appointment and even less keen on him now.
As far as I’m concerned he can **** off back there ASAP”

“The Blunt fans knew what they were doing and Morgan played into their hands. Managers and Assistants need to be 100% concentrated on the club they manage during 90 mins. As I say just my opinion but Morgan made a mistake today” “I wasn’t impressed by Wilson’s Player interview either. Paying misplaced deference to what was a bog standard L1 outfit, “can’t afford to give a 2 goal start to such a quality side” my arris.
He should have slaughtered such a pathetic performance
Then again no wonder we surrendered with those two giving the team talk”

“Sheff U are certainly not a quality side, but maybe compared to us they are! That was probably their best (away) performance of the season.”

“They just targeted our “full backs” and walked through our midfield. Not a good side but men against boys today in terms of physical strength.”

“Think we had a glimpse of why Jordan Slew hasn’t scored in a 1000 years”

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