Shrewsbury 1-2 Blades

“I can’t believe that I wasted a days holiday from work for that shite!”

“We are going down,Mellon and Jackson out.”

“I just can’t see us winning another game this season. All we can hope is that Blackpool stay as bad as we are.”

“On the bright side though, we did improve on recent performances… more shots than Sheff U, more corners and about the same amount of possession.”

“Very depressing evening. Of recent opposition Sheffield United were the poorest we faced but we never got going”

“In my opinion the majority of teams to visit us this season have a) passed the ball better b) retained possession better c) had better movement off the ball d) pressed when out of possession better and e) defended better than us .”

“a lackluster performance by a team who have run out of ideas
what is find so frustrating is that the both goals we conceded are typical of most goals town have let in this season, the diagonal pass a static defense that fails to react to the player running in to space, the 20 yard shoot that is not closed down. what on earth does MM practice on the training ground.
i just sat in disbelief as Vassell took the penalty ,this is the player who cant score to save his life , why on earth did not a player who is scoring take the penalty.
town looked the most effective going down the wing and crossing but unfortunately town huffed and puffed and went for the kick and hope which Sheffield gratefully moped up.
I did not think that sheffield were that good and half decent performance from town would have got some vital points, this game can be added to a long list of home games that town wasted opportunities , lacked a cutting edge in front of goal and who’s sloppy defending concede far too many goals , town were ineffectual and cluless. ”

“what is so frustrating is ; when i watched the Bradford game i thought we are going to be lucky to get anything, whilst watching the Sheffield game i thought there defense was surprisingly wobbly and we have a chance of getting something, town were so predictable with long ball after long ball that the Sheffield defense were able to manage with ease they had a big defender who must have thought it was Christmas”

“There wasn’t much between the sides. The difference was obvious, Sharpe and Adams, one chance each and one goal each.”

“We never seem to invest probably in a decent forward line.
Most sides have proven or capable league 1 strikers.
I would rather we spent on a quality striker force first.
Not saying we can get likes of Billy sharp bit likes of proctor, Pope, novak, adjose or winnall.”

By Roy

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