“Looking forward to going to a game which actually means something. After the rubbish Euro (from an England perspective) and pointless friendlies will be nice to get the season under way. I am expecting nowt from the season, if we are not any lower down the pyramid and still in business by May it will be an improvement! Football is football no matter what league we are in brng it on cannot wait!!”

“I think we can win the league, but then again there are numerous other teams that are also in the same bracket.The Championship is tricky to predict, this is a whole new level of wacky races.”

“With mix of players with Premiership experience and young talent we should win the league. Anything less than a play off place would be a big disappointment. “

“Aye all that premiership experience has served us well so far.
Can’t wait for it to bail us out of the shit when we are 1-0 down away at Scunthorpe. “

“Anyone who thinks we will win the league is nothing short of deluded.”

“Fans of the majority of clubs in league one will start the season believing that they can win the league.
Our opponents on Sunday have been one of them for many years.
The fact they are still here despite being ‘bigger’ than pretty much every other club they’ve played against in L1 shows how tough it is going to be to get out if we don’t do it quickly.”

“Big game. Probably the most important opener for years that we’ve had.
Have absolutely no idea how it will go. Which in some ways is nice. Rather fear too many of the ‘losers’ from last year might feature. I really hope they’ve got some points to prove.”

“ seen alot of their fans saying it is a hard league to get out of. No one really knows how this team will play. Am going for an exciting 2-2 draw with their fans out singing our lot and an even start to the season”

“New season, new manager and few new players but the rats still haven’t left the ship, Pratley will give away 10 fouls, Mavies will go missing, Wheater will cock up and Sheffield United will score in the last minute.
2-1 Sheff Utd. Washing machine for us. “

“1-0 late scruffy Madine winner.
He then necks a necks a pint of lucozade, head butts a Sheff Utd fan and goes back to prison.”

“We’ll take an early lead just to get everyone giddy then succumb to their stronger squad (& better coach?)“

“will be a slow battle of wits, both sides playing it cagey and a stultifying 0-0 draw will result, with Parkinson seeing “Some encouraging signs”.”

“Judging by the variety of his selections and tactics so far Parky may go horses-for-courses: perhaps more solidity against the big teams, more forward-thinking players against teams we’d reasonably expect to beat.
In which case, it will be intriguing to see how he approaches a game against the clear title favourites”

“Think Howard will be in goal”

“Remember when we lost 4-0 at Bramall Lane”

“That 4-0 game at Bramhall Lane would be about 1987/88 I think. Terrorised by Tony Agana and Brian Deane “

“Apparently Sheffield Utd have sold 3000 tickets. Glad we didn’t drop the prices. And those who argue half the prices to get more fans in, this is why clubs model the optimal price to maximise revenue.”

“4000 of them buggers gonna be here Saturday.My earlier excitement and anticipation has been replaced be the fear of another home defeat or stale draw.”

“Yes and there will be approximately 10,000 home fans, so why be intimated.”

“Good show by them”

“That last minute Madine winner will be even sweeter. Fuck em. Not like it’s the famous Anfield Kop that can “breathe” the ball into the net. “

“That chip butty song will contribute to the equaliser as our defence dozes off during the chorus”

“Be nice to send em back to yokshire with their tails between their legs”

“Glad the club didn’t listen to fans who felt we should charge less than £28. Well done sweaty Ken.”

“Correct. Its looking like a great decision now, they were never going to miss the opening day fixture, plenty of much needed money in the bank!”

“Should have charged more”

“I see sheff uniteds boycott worked – not!!”

“Great. Another whopping following out signing a half empty stadium.” “I’m hoping they’re all mute!
Doubt it though! I do like their chip butty song though”

By Roy

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