Millwall 2-1 Blades

“Scrappy 1st half. I think we did just about enough in the 2nd to say that we deserved three points. Had several chances before Morison’s penalty.”

“A deserved victory in the proverbial game of two halves.  Both teams started off a little slowly but they got into their stride quicker than we did. They played joined up football from the back, pushed the ball about confidently used the width of the pitch and hit some dangerous crosses. They looked threatening and Clark, their chunky target man had a couple of half chances. We had a couple of decent breakaways and Morison and Gregory looked lively. Worrall and Romeo were combining well and from one of their moves we got a corner. We swung the corner over and it was poorly cleared to Williams. He dummied on the edge of the box and rifled a sweet left foot shot into the corner.Then we played our usual tactic of sitting back and letting them play. It was frustrating to watch them dominate the game and push us back and after ten minutes the inevitable happened. The was some good play and interchange down their right and their bloke hit a firm shot.  Craig made a hash of trying to clear it, sliced it badly and it cannoned off  Archer’s chest and into the  net. They were back in it and they knew if!They tried to press home their advantage but despite having a lot of possession they couldn’t muster a decent effort on goal. Morison and Gregory were looking lively and AOB had  decent shot but there were no clear cut chances.NH gave them all a kick up the rear during the break and they came out all guns blazing. We pushed up higher, squeezed the play in their half and  began to create chances. Gregory was put through by Webster but the keeper smothered the shot. Morison had a good shot on the turn which the keeper saved and the crowd got behind them. AOB was cream crackered and Fergie came on to add some flair on the left and Gregory was crocked in their box and on came Fred. It looked as if the game would end in a stalemate but we gave it one last go. From a good attack and cross from the left their defender stretched out an arm and gave away a stone wall penalty which Morison smashed home. It was no more than our second half display merited. We played out the 5 added minutes fairly comfortably.Archer played well but could do little about the goal. Romeo was solid and energetic and Webster probably shaded MOM with a rock solid display. There are question marks about both Craig and Martin who rarely headed the ball with conviction. Wirral looked lively in both attacking and defensive play. Thompson and Williams were busy and solid and AOB had one or two moments  but still backs off when he should be pressing harder. Morison and Gregory combined well and could have scored a couple each on a better day.After Tuesday we are back on track but we are, by no means the finished article yet!”

“Spirit lifting result “

“Brilliant, I don’t really care how they get the win, a win changes your whole weekends mood. That’ll do just nicely :)”

“awful, awful to watch. but strangely deserved it. created far more than them. it was soak it up then hit them on the break tactic again”

“Felt the majority of the team sat off and gave United too much time on the ball. That said, for all their passing they hardly did anything with it, and we had plenty more clear cut chances. Yeah I think we edged that.”

“i honestly don’t think we stringed more than four passes together today. possession football it aint! yeah it was dire but it worked”.

“it weren’t great but I would rather play crap win and in than play well and loose”

“Much of what is being served up is the most grim, unreconstructed long ball we have seen being offered up by a Millwall side in living memory.”

“they played all the joined up football but failed to seriously trouble Archer. Despite not our best performance by a long way we had several opportunities to have won comfortably. On another day Gregory could have had a 2nd half hat-trick and a number of other efforts went close. A win, 3 points against the pre-season favourites and last Tuesday’s performance out of the system but a long way short of the finished article. “

“The first half reminded me of August 15, watching the likes of Coventry playing through us. We sat off and watched them do exactly that, outnumbered in midfield and they looked a good side, which they weren’t, a glance at the league table, bottom. The second half was more it, pressing with some joined up football. Gregory had three clear cut chances, Morrison one other than the penalty, on another day we could have been home and dry before the 85th minute penalty. “

“We’re stuck with Harris until he is sacked which will be if he fails to get us out of this division this season/maybe next or after he takes us up to The Championship and we are badly exposed as a team that can’t play football.”

“Just seen Wilders post match interview. He looks ill and sounded dreadful.
Think the job is to big for him, don’t think he will be there long.”


By Roy

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