“Sheffield United seem like they are already in disarray this season. They’ve managed to lurch from one disaster to another ever since relegation a few years ago.
Indeed, new manager Chris Wilder has come out with a similar attack on his players as Neil Harris did after our humiliating 5-1 reverse at Peterborough, for their more modest 3-0 defeat at home to Southend United.
However, you get the sense that Harris is calling out one or two individuals & looking at either forcing them into to his team ethic or see them depart – whereas Wilder has admitted that many of the players he inherited are not made of the right stuff for a club the size of Sheffield United, who are having to cope with being the big scalp for the likes of Southend United in this division, and nor does it seem that his new recruits are quite prepared for that challenge either.
It seems therefore that Saturday will be a battle between two sets of players completely under the microscope of both managers and fans. As a side note – feel far more sympathy for Sheffield United than those cry-babies Charlton. I lived up there and they are a decent, passionate bunch and have been totally sold short by their board. They’ve sold and sold good players and replaced them with crap. Their dynamic with Wednesday also reminded me of ours with Palace. One the working class, partisan club that could laugh at itself…the other the suburban, up their own arse bunch of sanctimonious cunts. “

“Harris has come out and basically accused half of our squad of not having the requisite desire to play football for us. Had a big swipe at agents and says he will field a side on Saturday that ‘wants to play for the club’. Sounds like stuff going on off the field contributed to our performance on Tuesday”

“massive pressure on Harris and the team Saturday now. If we lose, and lose heavily it’ll look like he’s lost the dressing room after the comments he’s made. In the full interview he does make clear that ‘his strikers’ are exempt from the criticism so clearly not aimed at Gregory. I’d guess Archer is the most likely culprit for the agent stuff as I can’t see anyone else being in a position to make any demands.”

“troubling comments. I think also very unprofessional of Harris to lose his cool like that and make that information public. He has made himself look very weak. It was one bad result, we don’t need our manager overreacting more than the fans do.”

“Three league games in and the manager mouthing off,
telling players they can go to another club?
Players mouthing off to fans?
The club can’t afford to unload players because of the small squad.
Harris needs to keep his gob shut in public and hope the players dig in, forget his public rant and ride it out.(which is what I think will happen)
Otherwise, a few more bad results and he will be on his way. “

“The performances against two mid table teams MK Dons and Peterborough suggests we are not as good as tge players think we are.”

“I think the next few weeks are crucial for NH and us and I’m not overly confident the overcome will be the one we all would wish for”

“I’ve got a bad feeling about Saturday, hope I’m wrong”

By Roy

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