“Still backing Brown, it’s early days! Come on who’s seriously going to replace him and going to work wonders? We’re only 3 games in”

“Short on tactics skill and self belief. Things have got to change, and change quickly.”

“Really need at least a point in our next away game. That league table hurts big time”

“Will be 9 games without a win on Tuesday”

“We don’t really seem to have any tactics or style of play (both home and away) and without Payne there is no one who will take the game to the opposition”

“Brown has lost the dressing room”

“PB was heard very eloquently defending himself yesterday, saying that we need more players in the squad and he can’t get them on board. Has he considered that some of the people he has been trying to tempt have taken one look at our tactics and lack of creativity and decided to go somewhere else…?? I have said this before, and I still believe this to be the case – the problem isn’t with the current squad, either in quality or numbers. What is a problem is that the shackles are on the team, and they are so busy trying to implement the ‘clean sheet’ mentality that we can’t attack with any purpose and as soon as the midfield starts to wobble the floodgates open up and we are shipping them in from everywhere. Fundamentally, unless there is a massive shift in thinking and tactics towards a ‘we need to score more goals than the opposition’ focus and stop worrying about conceding, we are relegation fodder. Much as it pains me to say that.”

“No team spirit, tactics or cohesion.”

“the lack of fight is scary”

“Early days but don’t see a light at the end of the tunnel”

“I can’t see us getting anything on Tuesday”

“A defeat at Sheffield United is very likely Brown will be sacked”

“Sheffield United’s forward players are far too good for this back four”

“2016 form looks like this: LLDWWWLLLLDLLDLWLDLLLLLLL”

“A draw would be a miracle and achievable if the defence stops conceding cheaply and we can nick a goal. Can’t see either based on the last few games though.”

“Probably be happy enough with anything less than a 3-0 defeat.”

“Sheffield United haven’t clicked yet, but think they will tomorrow night. They look very strong on paper and we are lacking any sort of fight or belief.”

“Atleast with a big team like Sheffield the boys will forget about the result a bit more and give it a real go.”

By Roy

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