Blades 2-1 Oxford

“Predictable move by Wilder. Starting Jake Wright”

“Thought he played well. I think it was him who cleared off the line?”

“Fair play for him applauding the fans after the game. Also good to see the applause returned. All the best, Jake.”

“As I said on the match thread, it’s a shame Sheff Utd destroyed any chance of applauding him before the game by playing music right up to (and beyond) kick off in both halves. I was too annoyed by the result to stay at the end, though I regret it now. Usually stay to clap the team and would have showed my appreciation of Jake.”

“A tough day in the office coming to a close and I have just glanced at one of their forums. The humorous “bitter rivals” thread has been taken at face value by them. Made me laugh.”

“Does sarcasm not travel as far as Sheffield?”

“We could have won today and I think we all know that, they wasn’t great but neither was we.
We lacked movement going forward and wasted too many opportunities to pass.”

“I’m wondering if people were at a different game to the one I saw (my first sight of the new-look Us). We weren’t great but I thought we were the better side (though that’s not saying much – the Blades were dire). Clearly we needed a second goal before half-time, and we lack pace out wide (and in general – I’d have liked to have seen Crowley against that defence). We improved when Taylor came on, could have scored but instead conceded a soft goal. Shame we lost Skarz, he looked on top of everything in the first half.
Shame Sheff Utd denied the Oxford fans any opportunity to applaud Jake Wright by playing deafening music right up to (and beyond) kickoff in both halves. Maybe he got a decent reception afterwards – I was too p*ssed off to hang about.”

“ We were sat in the Blades end and loved the yellow army singing “is this a library” in the first half. The yellow army could be heard for much of the match. Made us proud”

“We were probably just the better team today and didn’t deserve to lose. Some great plays but our strikers and CMs weren’t up to the job. Still don’t think we’ll go down if we play like that all season but it doesn’t seem like we’ll be fighting for promotion either.
Special mention to the 17,000 Sheffield fans who made less noise than most league 2 home crowds last season.”

“I cannot for the life of me see how you thought that. We were not too bad until we scored the goal. After that I thought it was downhill all the way – against a poor team.
I made excuses for us and looked for the positives against Brighton’s second string, but I found that a difficult watch this afternoon. None of the problems we have all seen seem to be being addressed – and they go further than getting a (talented) young midfielder will sort out.
We cannot retain the ball so badly and give opponents so much space if we want to make a decent fist of this league”

“Bit negative. We should have dug out a point against a team that will eventually finish in the top third. Sheff U looked OK to me. “

“Oh f*ck me you’re all so clever, sure there are a few contenders on here to take over from Appleton when he eventually gets the sack because he’s so obviously a shIt manager!
Just missing out on a point away at one of the biggest clubs in the league, ( ingore where they are now they won’t be down there long ) is not a bad effort from the boys and all of you who are only just realising it’s going to be a tough season are the nieve ones! You’re probably the same ones who expected us to go straight up again when we got back into league 2 but I suppose that’s because Wilder was a shit nieve manager too and nothing to do with the teams being a level above!
The reality is that staying in the league will be a successful season, that has always been the case, so stop the despairing because we got nothing from today’s game it is one of the hardest places to go in this league and we were in front for most of the game. “

“Why do teams seem to always break their shit run against us. Probably isn’t true but feels that way.”

“So, so disappointing. That was two poor teams today and we were the worse of the two, frustratingly.
Sheffield were there for the taking, but we just couldn’t do it. Lacked pace in wide areas (again), and our midfield two gave the ball away too easily far too often.”
Once again though, we weren’t outplayed. It was a close game, lost on relatively fine margins. We need to start doing the simple things better again. And we need pace. “

“Sheffield’s fans were unbelievably quiet, too. Even after they took the lead. How the ‘mighty’ have fallen. Pissing down on the motorway, wilder can f*ck off.. Always a yellow.

“Just been listening to a bunch of Blades fans in the curry house. They are still not happy with Chippy. They said that they have to remember that the team they beat today wasn’t very good. Ouch.”

“we weren’t very good today. players playing out of position, basic mistakes made without pressure… second half we were all over the place. we have big problems I fear. “were second to every loose ball
We couldn’t actually keep the ball once we got it, mostly because …
.. the passing was atrocious
There was far too much stuff hoofed up in the air”

“we missed a good chance today to beat a team really low on quality. A big away following got right behind them and their fans were subdued to say the least. In essence, they were there for the taking, and we can only be miffed that we didn’t take it”

“We’re too honest.  Need to fall over more and cheat.  Horrible to say, but by not doing it, we’re the mugs as everyone else does”

“Disappointing end to the game that. Played well for 60 and drifted out of the game. Maybe we need to be more defensive away from home as clearly the form just ain’t there”

“Knew it was going to be tough, especially with so many out and lots of replacements”



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