Blades 4-0 Port Vale

“A very predictable scoreline and performance.”

“Lucky it was only 4”

“awful should of been so much more easily could of been 6-7 best team we have played”

“Could of easily been 8-0 today”

“Should have been 9-0”

“I said before the game that my goal was to not hear Sheff U fans celebrate,it happened 8 times”

“Embarrassing. Our players buckled under the pressure of playing in front of a big crowd. Performance wise that was as bad as anything I saw under the likes of Glover, Adams or Page. It really could have been 8 or 9. Absolutely abysmal, the players and manager should come out this evening and apologise for that! Absolute bunch of cowards.”

“Man Of The Match: Alnwick”

“That was the most embarrassingly-one sided game since the 6-0 FA Cup drubbing at Villa Park.”

“From what I saw at MK last week, that pasting has been coming”

“We got absolutely twunted today by a side who barely had to get out of second gear. We left pockets of space everywhere for them to exploit, we need to be far more compact away from home.”

“To a man we were absolutely abysmal today. We couldn’t keep hold of the ball and we had no intensity when they had the ball throughout the match. A complete and utter waste of a day.”

“Christ. Really bad today BUT still in a good position in the league and must take some points from next few games. Thought we missed both Tavares and Thomas today. They add experience in the middle that we miss. worst I’ve seen so far.”

“Today was poor all round – didn’t expect much from today but that was well below the line”

“Just got back from the game and felt we could have got something out of it if Grant had taken his chance at nil nil. Poor marking on the first and second goal. Paterson is not the answer upfront and neither Jones nor Hart are wide men. Jones needs to be played down the middle. Best Vale player by a long chalk was Amoros”

“We have lost to promotion favourites!!!! Some people need chill out anyone would think we are in a relegation battle”

“We are promotion contenders, but if want to be in top 6 regularly, we need to improve our away form. Keep the faith”

“I think we would all have been chuffed with 7th at this stage bearing in mind the upheaval in summer. Let’s get behind the lads on Tuesday Sheffield United had nearly 20,0000 there today, five times our crowd, five times our income. They will be there at the top at the end of the season and I still believe we will be as well. Keep the faith.”

“Bolton can keep their £26 ticket because I for one will not be forking out for another away day after that shower.”

“sth Yorks police taking lessons from staffs in over the top muppetry”

By Roy

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