“Definitely would take a point and I do fear the worst a little. We need to be a lot stronger on the ball and retain possession better than Sunday if we are to nick anything from this one.”

“We always seem to lose at shef utd wouldnt be surprised if we lost there again hopefully the players will proove me wrong like they did at mk dons and get a draw or win.”

“The Blades will be a lot sharper than our last opponents so we need to up our game for this one.
I’ll take a point now.”

“we will have to keep the ball better v the blades if we r get anything from the game .
The win v Mk though should give us confidence to do just that though .”

“Sheffield with Matt Done in there team and Billy Sharp well there r a decent side .”

“Dont really know what to expect from this game ! Just hope we turn up and take it to them ! Sharpe is going to score for them ! He always does against us . So we need to score to get anything from this game , just hope we give a decent performance in front of a big crowd .”

“Expect United to be less good at possession football than MK but much better going forward, so we should be seeing much more possession but need to utilise it well.”

“Any neutral (and probably Sheff Utd) fans looking at this game would probably find it difficult to look past a home win considering how bad our away form has been for much of this season so far. However, we showed great resilience last weekend, albeit against a pretty poor MK Dons side, and hopefully we can take this to a place where we don’t usually get much and return with at least a point.”

“if Sheffield United do the high press and if so we need to stop knocking it around our back four waiting for a disaster to happen and clear our lines instead!
In fairness i’d rather play Sheffield United in good form now than when they were at the bottom struggling as we all know we’d have been the one to stop their rot ala Coventry!”

“It’s a strange game this. On the one hand, I’m expecting a defeat as we always lose at Bramall Lane and tend to suffer misfortune in the process. It’s the sort of place where historically our players have frozen in front of a big crowd and Sheffield United seem to be on the up.
On the other hand, we should take confidence from getting our first away win last week, all be it without playing really well but scrapping it out well and defending excellently. This is how we should approach our away games as we’re not going to play teams off the park away from home. they’ll have a lot of possession but we need to make sure that when we get it, we are effective with it.
Sheffield United had a really poor start and I kind of wish we’d have had this game in the early part of the season as they seem to have picked up some momentum having won 5 out of their last 7 and not lost since August. Their fans and players will expect a comfortable home win, but we need to disrupt their rhythm and then impose our qualities on them.”

“we mustnt go to Sheffield to be negative and play everyone behind the ball we won at Mk now lets go express ourselves v Sheffield and surprise them cause they think we will do the samd again ,the only problem with that mindset (.to defend even though Valiantly ) is if they score first .
Let them worry about us we have talent lets show it the bramall lane faithful”

“They don’t seem too confident on their Forum.”

“Apparently we have only sold 300 tickets so they should make it pay on the day. Id imagine people are sick of going there every season to watch us lose there.”

“Crazy really considering Bury is actually further away than Sheffield, & the amount we took there. But yeah I agree, probably down to the fact we’ve lost 7 out of the last 10 against them, mostly being away.”

“It’s fair to say we’ve had some good old scraps against Sheff United down the years.
There was that FA Cup sickener about 4 years ago, the League Cup win under Micky Adams etc.
One that sticks out was October 1988 when we played the Blades on a Monday night after playing at Blackpool on the Saturday.
It ended 3-3 with over 13,000 in Vale Park that night.
Did Brian Deane score for them that night?
Amazing to think of 13000 for a Third Division game!”

“I think there are many that will never forget the 3-3 draw.
0-1 down at half time I seem to remember. Then we gallopped into a 3-1 lead thanks to a pair of Gary Ford crackers.
Then meltdown.
And in the final minute poor Kevin Finney played a lovely through ball through to Brian Deane… Sad to think when you say Kevin Finney they think of that pass more than the Macclesfield goal the year before which started off the “Golden Years.” “

By Roy

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