Bradford 3-3 Blades

“Proper game of football that.

Sheffield by far and away the best team we’ve faced this year. Streets in front of anyone else.
Fair result in the end.”

“Fantastic game of football,well worth the admission fee.What a change to see two teams going for it instead of being frustrated at one teams spoiling tactics. A proper game of football for a change “

“If only all games could be played in that spirit”

“Good game today, both fans were awesome”

“In an era where we’re subjected to relentless premiership fodder-this was beautiful football with real pride”

“Gave as good as we got I thought. Horror show from both defences tho!” “

Belting game today with some quality and fighting spirit thrown in – let’s hope Bradford and Blades go toe-to-toe all season in promotion race”

“great game complimentary comments from wilder post match about our play.
That game was like a boxing match between two greats totally toe to toe blow for blow
The fans from both sides were excellent too”

“Top game and both teams deserved a point.
Differing style that I think will result in us both top 3 end of season. Where depends on Scunny having injuries/suspensions in a smaller squad and Bolton dipping when they have difficult run of games.”

“If we finish 1 point behind them we will be promoted.. best side at VP without a doubt”

“Cracking Yorkshire derby. Pleasure to watch”

“Two CB’s playing full back due to injury, and a defensive midfielder also dropping into defense, that with Hanson in the team, meant we didn’t win it IMO. I felt that we showed far too much respect to Sheff Utd, and it showed in that first half. Second half, we were better. Not once did we attempt to play the ball on the floor in the first half (barring our first goal, coincidently), which was largely due to Hanson’s introduction – the soon as his contract ends in the summer, the better. Toodle-pip
I thought once we scored our third goal, it might’ve settled us down, but The Blades to their credit came back strong – as you would expect.
Overall, a decent point and a great advert for L1 football. I think had we been at full strength, we would’ve edged that today!”

“Sheff Utd will win the league I’m confident of that, had either of us played someone else today and put in the same level of performance they’d had won easily. Great atmosphere from both sets of fans and a really good match to watch.”

“Sheffield U were the best side I have seen this season,great game and 2 teams trying to win playing the right way”

“Both defences were crap.
We were better in midfield, they were better up front.
We matched them.”

“They are a quality side. That much is clear.
I don’t think we’re too many players away from matching them.”

“Take Sharp out their team and in ours, I would be putting a bet on us.”

“As much as I don’t like him Billy Sharpe is the best striker in the division and they have real quality in that squad but so do we Dieing was absolutely outstanding today. Take Sharpe away and I think we are better just like a lot of people would have said take Wells away and we weren’t outstanding and they were right. Forget the moments that lacked a little quality the match was fantastic in every way today got to watch two of the best teams in this league really go at each other. Stuart got it very right today for me wish every week was like that loved it.”

“Fabulous fabulous match at VP today, quality from both teams. Great advert for L1. Billy Sharp an immense player”

“Absolutely ridiculous how good Billy Sharp was against us today. Defintely the best striker in League One this season”

“Billy Sharp was just a class apart today, thank fuck we scored a few too!! Both teams were class! “

“I love Billy Sharp wish he was one of ours he made all the difference today between two good teams. He is a character and a goal scorer”

“Think Sheff Utd were by far the better team today so very happy with a point! Billy Sharp is far too good for league one though!”

“I like Billy Sharp. Proper striker. But he keeps telling me to be quiet. I never said anything!”

“Billy Sharp is a force to be reckoned with. Might have had them if it weren’t for him! Cracking game”

“Sharp is exactly what we need at this level great with his back to goal the ball sticks up top and he has the eye for goal – we need to be on the money for January sales
However apart from him nobody stood out from their team to say I would have them in our team”

“2 poor sides on show today!
Billy Sharpe made Hanson look like a pub player and himself Messi.
What I would give for a Billy Sharpe in our team yet some feel Hanson is the answer to all our problems “  

“They are a good team. Yes they had a poor start, but they are a good team! Why is it always someone must be blamed rather than, fair play?
I for one think they will go up! They are so much better than bolton, millwall, mk dons etc. Fair play to them. They have a good manager and a good set of players!”

“The attendance today was the biggest in Leagues 1 & 2. More than 6 games in the Championship & even more than 3 in the PL.”

By Roy

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