Blades 2-1 Mk Dons

“We all know it’s fixable (in January) but the loss of Wootton (a proper first ball centre half) and a mis-firing Maynard and lack of real pace up top to stretch teams is the reason we’re struggling. That’ll change with whoever comes in. Whether it’s too late to make a play off run is debatable, but I’ve seen very little quality in this league so far. We’ve managed to beat ourselves in the large majority of those eight league defeats. “

“Barker out. #BARXIT”

“We really are in deep shit.”

“Nearly scored first minute. Need breaks.”

“We dominate the halfway line. Worth the entrance fee alone. “

“18 points and 25 goals behind league leaders Scunthorpe fucking United.
What a farce of a season. Kill it now.”

“We lost to Sheffield United at Bramall Lane 2 goals to 1. We have no manager. Not a bad result considering. Get real people.”

“I’m quite looking forward to L2. “

“It has come to this through showing off “football played in the right way” every week. Style has become more important than substance at this club.
Meanwhile, other teams play to win games.”

“Karl Robinson is to blame. He left us in the shit, unlike Ince who left us in the capable hands of Robinson when he left.”

“Our goal was a Superb flowing move, ball swept across, probed for an opening and a quality lay off from Lewie and finish from Potter.
FL show didn’t do it justice… “

“”football played in the right way” works if you have good enough players to embrace it. We don’t.
Reality is, a few of our players are not as good as we think.”

“cheating northern bastards”

“theyre women are normally quite game if you know what I mean They cheat as well”

“Sheffield is a cesspit of inbreeding and bitter wife beating drunk ugly men.”

“A fellow dons fan dislocated my fucking shoulder after we scored”

“The pre-match music was some of the best, not one mention of Amazing Grace.”

By Roy

6 thoughts on “View From MK Dons”
  1. You chaps might have more fun and credibility if Winkelman cut his ever-mounting losses and switched from football to NFL or rugby in search of his yet-to-be-found MK frenzy. But, of course, he’d probably have to steal a team and a league position to do that.

  2. What a dick head, this guy is, your theft of a team was a joke, yes we took the foot of the pedal but that’s what happens when lesser teams come to a mighty stadium with a 100 year history go back to Milton Keynes with its plastic cows tacky box houses and NO POINTS

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