Charlton 1-1 Blades


“Two terrible teams on show today”

“Deserved nothing today but got a point against a very good side as are Scunthorpe but they couldn’t beat us either and we’ve played them twice.Utd and Scunny are the teams to catch in our division, they are better than the rest and Karl Robinson will know this too.”

“Outfought and totally outplayed. Lookman is a lazy little bastard. Keeper was superb.”

“Absolute day light robbery. Outplayed for virtually the entire game. Sheff Utd well organised, cynical and bossed it. If I was Wilder I’d be fining the twat that gave that freekick away at the end.”

“Big point that could be. Sheffield United pressed and caused us all kinds of problems. Best side I’ve seen this season.”

“Sheffield United in midfield were far better than us.
Part of the problem could be that they had 5 in midfield compared to our 4 but always seemed like they had plenty of space in possession and we had none.”

“We were fucking awful, who would have thought one change would take us from the Bristol Rovers to this shower of shit?
But that is exactly what happened, as they exploited the space offered up by the completely pointless Jackson.
The problem with not having a manager isn’t on the field, it’s the work beforehand. Judging by the way we didn’t react to any of the short set pieces they had, and the way we seemed surprised by their high pressing game, I guess we didn’t study any film or analyse the opposition at all. I went to Port Vale, Bristol and today, and today we were absolutely shite, but good teams get results no matter how shit they play, and today was one of those results in my opinion. Let’s hope we got away with one and keep up the momentum. “

“you also have to take the difference in quality of opposition into account”

“Thought we got out of jail today. Great to score 93rd minute equaliser. We only started playing in the last 5 minutes and when we actually attacked them they looked a bit shaky but why did we leave it so long. Botaka coming on made a big difference.
Why did we pass back to Phillips so many times today only for him to hoof the ball forward which we could have done in the first place.
Sheffield looked very good and were quicker sharper and more organised than us but we never attempted to tackle them or close them down.”

“Looks like I was the only one who didn’t think we were too bad! Sheff Utd looked a decent side and the better team for much of the game but, aside from the soft goal, I thought we defended really well and Phillips was only called into action a couple of times. Bringing on Novak and Botaka made a big difference and reckon another couple of minutes and we could have ncked another goal.”

“Ha, an absolute pisstake of a point – so underserved… Hahahaha.
I hope every one of the pricks in their support on Flloyd Road before the game with the taxis feel absolutely pig sick.”

“Sheffield Utd best team we have played all season, and I have to say that their fans were a credit.”

“Either Sheff Utd are by far the best team in the league or we have work to do and players to buy if we are to get a sniff of the play offs.”

“Sheffield United pressed and passed well but didn’t get the 2nd goal, good side though made to look better by our lack of movement when in possession. Very much a point gained.”

“Everybody knows a last minute equalizer is a classic in football, as is daylight robbery, and we managed to combine the two.
Leaving to one side that it is two points dropped, and we are back to 12 points behind target, there was a lot of virtue in that effort today.
Sheffield United were excellent, backed brilliantly by their travelling faithful, and they gave us no peace of any kind. it was one of those games where it felt the opposition had more players. However the energy they expended right up to the last 15 minutes probably cost them. ironically it was when their goalscorer, and best player Duffy went off with what looked like cramp that we began to get back into the game. In the game overall, Sheffield United gave us no opportunity to play, and when they had the ball they were constantly dangerous, with impressive teamwork. We deserved a draw in as much as any team that keeps on keeping on deserves it, but football wise Sheffield United were a class above and the best team we have played by quite a distance.
They say if you can’t win don’t lose, which I am glad about for Charlton Athletic, but for Sheffield United today was more if you should win, don’t draw.”

“It wasn’t a hideous performance – Sheffield United are just a better side than us.”

“So glad we got a point against a team who gave us a football lesson. They were sly and cunning also so just deserts were done. And to all those utd fans giving it large at charlton station as we equalised. ..up you.”

“I was very impressed with United’s general play, they played with a high tempo and gave our midfield and defence no time on the ball, hence the endless pass backs to Dillon.”

“Sheffield deserve promotion and we could be there too. . Loved the silence of United fans after our goal. “

“didn’t think United were that great but pressed relentlessly and it’s definitely a point dropped for them. Truly gratifying we got a point after all that niggly play from Sheff U. You can see how they ended their last 2 games playing against 9 men.”

“Sheff Utd were the best team I felt we’ve played, but again, they’re not world beaters. The division isn’t great, and we, along with a number of other teams could be in the mix come May. Up to Robinson now.
I was MASSIVELY satisfied to mug them right at the end. Their fans were full of it and it was very pleasing to steal a point in that manner. They’ll be going away thinking they were robbed but ultimately they weren’t good enough to win. Pleased to see Harry Bassett doing his best Sue Parkes chewing wasp impression at the end as well. Last xmas my arse 🙂 have that last minute mugging for your journey home.”

“Duffy best player on the pitch by a country mile.” “Best team we’ve played this season , if only we had a player like Duffy . We lack pace and energy in midfield and our full backs never get forward enough . Lucky point”

“Duffy was superb and when he went off injured we came back into the game. The best player i have seen in League 1 this season. Two good feet and runs all day.”

“I’m really gutted for Wilder, his team and their scummy fan element who showed their true colours again today. 3 1/2 hour trek up the M1 as well”

“Wilder was right about the game, but he also has to look at having the ineffectual Leon Clarke and a past his best Billy Sharp, as his front two.”

“I think Wilder is right on the money .. it’s an honest assessment of his and our team’s relative performances .. Blades should have won this .. what he didn’t say and (in my opinion) as I wrote above, what cost them was their cynicism and time wasting .. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see us both in the Championship next season”

If he improves his strikers, they will start battering teams. His 3-4-1-2 system is progressive, allowing Mark Duffy (21) a free role in behind the front two. They are compact out of possession, close down around the ball in numbers to shut down space and move the ball quickly through midfield when they win possession, overloading the full back areas very effectively. Their finishing and final pass was often poor.”

“Generally Blades were the better team at times swamping us in midfield .. luckily they were lightweight in attack and their skilful approaches came to nothing”

“Sheffield definitely the best team I’ve seen but they need to find a quality striker.”

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