Blades 0-1 Walsall

“WTF happened tonight really ?????”

“we’ve beaten the Blades at their own place in front of 18K and two ‘goals disallowed! Am I dreaming?”

“Great win. Paper and cracks for now. Stats don’t lie.”

“1 passable performance”

“I think for a brand new young team, new manager, new dawn at the Club – currently 3 points from the Play Offs is just fine. Good memories against Bolton & Sheffield, bad nights at Rochdale and at home against Scunthorpe….it’s football….”

“Congratulations to the players, management and staff on a good result lucky but I firmly believe you make your own luck”

“Whitney deserves a lot of credit for going 3-5-2. This negated the blunts tactic of having wingers wide to stretch the defence and then switching the play so the opposing winger has space. Our plan worked well. They huffed and puffed but I never felt they would score. Great ball from ozzy for the goal, although I was screaming penalty as I thought Balakovo was fouled. Pleasantly surprised to see the ball roll in the net.
2nd half followed a similar pattern, although I was s bit disappointed they we didn’t keep the ball better thus inviting pressure. Felt it was all in vain when they got the penalty but credit to etheridge.
All in all a great result, but I wouldn’t read too much into this. It will be an up and down season.”

“We rode our luck but it was deserved because of our grit and determination. Well done the team and the Manager!”

“Walsall FC … giving the big uns a nose bleed since 1888”

“Get in. Three lovely points at Bramall Lane is always sweet, the more fortunate the better in my book!”

“According to The Blades forum they shouldn’t be losing to ‘the likes of Walsall’.
Errr, the same Walsall that nearly got promoted last Season while they were rotting in the lower half of the league?”

“You would think they would have learned some humility in their numerous years in League One, but no, that would be asking too much.”

“Walsall beating the best teams home and away in the league.
Was ever thus.”

“that has to go down as result of the season so far.
just goes to show how shakey this league is and anyone putting a run together can climb the table.
good comeback from the last away result so have to say well done to staff and management and the 180 brave Walsall souls that made the journey.
shows that just because youre a big club in this league doesn’t mean you have a right to win the match and the league.
2 wins in a month or so at sheff utd is no mean feat.”

“First of their disallowed goals looked like a push from one of the other Sheff Utd players close to the guy who put the ball in the net but whistle went early. Second disallowed goal was a great handball spot, probably by the lino.
Their penalty was simply awful!”

“That was the most one-sided (for the other team) game that we’ve won that I’ve seen in a long time. The lads defended superbly, especially in the second half. O’Connor was solid at the back and kept us in it throughout the game . Unfortunately most of the action was at the far end of the pitch to us so I can’t really comment on most of the decisions. When their first goal went in, I’d heard the whistle before he took the shot but no idea what it was for, I think someone fouled Laird. The penalty was a surprise to us as we thought Etheridge had made a great save, and then there’ll all gathering around the penalty spot. Etheridge saved well but in fairness, it was a poor penalty. And then the whole stadium were convinced they had finally got the goal that was inevitably coming and I was just texting the Mrs before it became apparent that the ref had cancelled it – apparently it was a handball.
Overall, we still didn’t have much up top, wasted possession throughout the game, but defended attack after attack from a decent Sheffield United side – well done lads. Up the Saddlers!”

“highly enjoyable evening.
I wouldn’t say that our quality was that great, but whatever bust-ups there may or may not have been between Whitney & some players, there was no doubt about the grit, determination and endeavour that was shown out there tonight. The way that players were throwing themselves in front of everything was a joy to behold. I thought our luck had run out when they got the penalty ( was it O’Connor’s arm/hand?) but thankfully Sharpe(?) had been taking lessons from Don Givens!”

By Roy

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