Blades 1-0 Bury

“No shame in that defeat just gutted we couldn’t hang on after such a spirited display”

“Bloke who looked like he was playing in skis when he was on loan to us scores a 93rd minute winner” “Ebanks Landell is a great lad and delighted to see him doing well but for tonight he is an arse! :)”

“Farewell sweet world. I’m getting off”

“That really, really hurts”

“Following the gutless display on Saturday, it will take more than 1, shot, 2 red cards and a hard fought defeat from me.”

“what did people expect with 9 men on the field. Poor discipline, one way traffic only one result.” “Those losses hurt more than a 5-0er. Gutted for the lads. Let’s hope we play with that much passion on Saturday”

“So cruel. So resilient in 2nd half. They were even clapped off by the Blades fans, which Chris Brass said he’d never seen before”

“A standing ovation from Blades fans as well as the lads troop of the field… Fair play to the Yorkies. “

“Out sung out played out fought but they got the 3 points. Gutted, proud all the emotions tonight”

“Gutted about that result but going down to 9 men against a team like that means we’ve pretty much beaten ourselves there”

“Absolutely gigantic kick in the balls right there , I fuckin hate football”

“A positive defeat, if there ever was one”

“9 men and only 1-0. We’ve shown determination tonight. Well done boys”

“Jammy bastards. After we dominated for 92 minutes”

“If it wasn’t for the ref we would of got a draw. Disgraceful.”

“I could see why both were given.  Ref was rubbish in different ways for both sides.”

“Fought really really hard. Brave performance. Not convinced by either sending off – Mellis tackle was reckless but not helped by everyone going berserk near the ref. Still think we are in huge trouble and heading for relegation but cannot fault the huge effort tonight”

“I thought Bury fans were bad but listening to the commentary you could hear Sheff Utd fans moaning and screaming about everything.  Tested against Shrewsbury. Perfected against Bury. “

“Happens all the way down the food chain If they go up Sheffield United won’t be the biggest fish in the Championship and what goes around will come round.”
“They are expecting to go up. Never mind just beat us. At least we made it hard for them. Which was the best i could hope for tbh. Crazy we had 2 reds. I am just baffled about it all. “

“Unlucky to a large degree. All the stats are saying really they were all over us. What would have happened had we not had the 2 red cards. But more importantly, 2 reds, AGAIN. Not good enough. Before the game i predicted we would get beat easily. The scoreline does not look too bad. The bad run must come to a end this weekend. A draw would be acceptable. The defeats in a row record is a sad state. “

“As an away side, the last place you want to make the ref give a decision is Bramall Lane.” 

By Roy

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