Blades 2-1 Shrewsbury

“Thought it was too good to be true not having a player sent off for a few weeks.”

“Deadman is a disgrace. There is nothing else to say. No way he should be allowed anywhere near a football pitch. “

“9 against 12 it would seem.
Outstanding 2nd half performance.”

“Certainly was 9 v 12 and the linesman wasn’t much cop either!”

“As Hurst said in his post match, does the referee know about the rule change re the O’Brien sending off? It’s only a red card for the last man if he is deemed to be guilty of violent conduct or handball. Otherwise, it’s a penalty and a yellow card.
As for Ogogo, very foolish diving in like that seconds before half-time when you have got a card-happy ref like Deadman officiating.”

“A moral victory and a great performance”

“Well it’s a defeat but to win second half 1.0 with 9v11 is one hell of a performance”

“Proud second half performance, but our defenders can’t switch off at the back post. Again silly goals conceded. Halstead superb in goal. Players worked their socks off second half. To win the second half with only nine men is really commendable.”

“Certainly a bit of fight in this side”

“All the players are such heroes . Dodds must have enjoyed his goal being a Wednesday fan”

“Let’s explain! Neither decision was a red both belonged to deadman. Town showed grit and discipline! Well done Salop you made us proud”

“Quite rare a defeat feels ok but great second half by Salop against Sheffield United. With 11 men we might have won”

“If we had 11 men and didn’t concede that 2nd we could have had a point but mainly thanks mr Deadman we will go home with nothing”

“A pleasing defeat if ever there was such a thing! Proud of the fight Hurst has instilled into these players”

“Weirdest game ever. Played so well second half, such a positive performance, defended like champions. Well done lads. “

“They must really must be a good team to beat 9 men by the odd goal in three”

“hope they are as proud of his team as we are of our nine men today….”

“Hurst said that 2nd half was “like a training routine”, but not one you’d do for long because it’d be too harsh on the nine men “

“Was expecting a cricket score to be honest v the leagues best side, PH has certainly improved us. Not sure how Deadman is still a ref”

By Roy

2 thoughts on “View From Shrewsbury”
  1. If I look in tomorrow’s newspaper, it’ll say Sheff Utd 2 Shrewsbury 1. Three points to the Blades. Stop bleating.

  2. They are a good team put 8 past Port Vale who, were in top 4 at time, we had 4 chalked off. Unbeaten since end of August, you’ve had your 2 cup finals against a big team your GK played a blinder as well.

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