Chesterfield 1-4 Blades

“I hate to say it, but watching my team hurts that much that I am on the brink of turning my back for ever, the pain kills me….I actually felt so emotional after the game today, this team means so much to me but those in charge care so little “

“Emotional with me too pal. Truly awful. When was the last time we went on such a run. Those in charge reacted last year when we were 11 points better off under Saunders. They may have no option now. WILSON OUT.”

“A truly awful manager, tactically inept, blind, and way too negative.
Liddle and Dimaio, who he signed, are utterly sh*te.”

“Il tell you what Di maio did… have a hospital ball to Nolan that not only injured him it also cost us a goal!”

“Ched stamped on to be taken out of the game, same with Nolan but why oh why bring on Humphries, as soon as he was on it was game over”

“What did ched do to get injured? Anything suspicious about him going off for anything other than the injury.”

“For the first fifteen minutes we were at them like tigers but then! and not for the first time this season under Wilson & Morgan we dropped deep and let them come at us.I don’t know why he chooses to do this but it has proved to be a recipe for disaster. If he cant see this as the problem and others can, then it is time for change.”

“Just stood at the side of the pitch all game, with arms crossed and not saying a word to any players. Says it all to me. Sit down.”

“Whats really sickening is that Is that players who couldn’t get a look in with Cookies side are playing in teams who (at the moment) are being successful. Mark Duffy at Sheffield Utd after helping Burton to the Championship.
Connor Townsend at Scunthorpe.
Why oh why couldn’t four grown men sit around a table and sort out how we could take our club forward?”

“Mark Duffy didn’t get a look in? He came here for a month, after a long injury, and the fans decided he was crap. “

“Awful tactician. That was a decent enough starting eleven today to compete with them. Camping In your own 18 yard box for 90 minutes is spineless and pathetic. It was inevitable they’d score eventually. Then to bring humphreys on who plays no football whatsoever to run the show in the middle is an absolute joke.
Wilson and that clown Morgan need shipping out before it’s too late .
Is Wilson in on any future ched sale so hanging around? How can anyone survive this run of results and the turgid standard of football on show?
Humiliated against that lot on the tv! The team set up is a disaster waiting to happen every game. “

“Thats done it for me.evans clapped blunts when he was subbed.fxxk off back there.injured my arxe!! “

“Why wouldn’t he clap them? He clapped all 4 sides which would be expected. “

“First time I seen them this season and was reasonably happy first half but the game is 90mins and walked away embarrassed.
The players showed effort but this is not a league 1 team and unless theres a change at the top we are finishing rock bottom.
A few years ago it was Quoted we was following the same path as Leyton Orient and this time next season we may well be occupying there spot then reality will kick in.
God knows what the score would of been if we had not scored early and Sheff Utd had not played to there full potential and must mention why oh why for the life did Richie Humphreys who looked like the Mr Hubbard came on as a sub he totally killed the result with his first touch…”

“Frustrating result and 2nd half performance seeing as we were arguably the better team first half, at worst it was an even contest.
We flagged, their quality and excellent passing and ball retention won out imo. Losing our best 2 players on the day obviously didn’t help. Their number 4, John Fleck, looked great. Saw him for Coventry when we played them and he was pretty anonymous. “

“Our two most dangerous players went off injured. We hit the bar, and one of their goals was dubious. I honestly don’t think that we are a terrible side and with Tommy in net and Jones at left back we’d perhaps have done okay today.
However. Tactically we were outrageously bad…I’ve never ever seen a side defend so deep, and it was as inevitable as the multiple Walton posts tonight that we’d let goals in after the hour mark. There’s no leader. Anywhere. The bad luck is clear to see, and nobody points the finger at Wilson for that. For the tactical ineptitude, lack of spirit, who else can you blame? Bad times. “

“Their first was arguably handball, but so fast the referee didn’t see it.
He should have stopped the 2nd (maybe not held it)
Their 3rd? Well he stood and watched it TBH. It could be held that he had no chance, perhaps.
The 4th was a clever curler, but disappointingly, he had plenty of time to see it, as it swept in on a wide arc”

“Watching Wilder, he’s everything that Wilson isn’t. “

“I’ve just said exactly the same thing to the Mrs “

“Dave Allen is a cancer and he needs to be physically cut out of the club. Disgusting man. Wilson is just a symptom of the problem, but he needs to go too. I do not see the club surviving a drop to the conference which seems inevitable if things continue as they are.”

“On the Coventry match thread, I showed a few examples of players not picking up opponents and giving them a free ride.
Fleck’s goal was just that. Then watch Clarke’s final goal…plays the ball just inside our half, turns and runs 20 yards without anyone closing him down, to shoot unmarked..”

“like men v boys. “

“Wilson and Morgan both look absolutely clueless”

“Who is there to rally the troops.
Wilson stood there with his arms folded with big mate morgan.
Attack has sure evans didnt want to score that one on one with the keeper. “

“The club needs gutting”

By Roy

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