“Wonder if internet weirdo ‘Roygbiv’ will put this post comment on his soon to be coming ‘Pre-match view from Chesterfield’ blog?”

“With our league form i;d expect a tonking here. Be interesting to see the recemption Ched gets, really hope he scores though.
Think it’s first time we’ve not sold out (nowhere near either) as many are planning protests/boycotts.
I’m not bothering either, only been to 1 home game this season and have no plans to hand over any money any time soon to the Deedah Mafia in charge.”

“I fear a thumping”

“Danny seems to have transformed Ched Evans back the opposite way to what he did at Sheff Utd.”

“I think we’re going to get a right tankin from sheff poo biggest home defeat ever”

“Y’know, I remember the 1989/90 season, which began badly and went downhill from there.
But even though we were ultimately relegated we did a memorable double over the Blunts.
Hope, there’s always hope.”

“From my experience United fans have far more grasp on reality that Wednesday fans. They usually have a concept of football their own stadium & don’t believe that the world revolves around them.”

“They’ve most probably got a severe inferiority complex going on at the moment.
After all, how often does a club as huge as theirs find themselves with four other sides from the same Shire looking down on them”

“I dislike Sheff Utd for their constant bleating on about how ‘big’ they are. It’s kinda understandable based where they’ve been in the past as opposed to where they are now, but the peaks and troughs of supporting a football club over a long period of time are to be expected. I imagine that eventually they’ll go up and probably get back to where they want to be again before too long.
Personally, I don’t consider the game a derby in the traditional sense, but seeing as it’s a local game between two sides who have been in the same division for 4 of the last 6 seasons it does matter more than many other games, to some extent. The 3-2 under Cook was a great game where we could have really embarrassed them, if it weren’t for Tommy’s unfair dismissal and the 3-0 last season was horrible in a way that losing by that scoreline to say, Peterborough or Charlton, just couldn’t be.”

“I know there’s something of a boycott going on in relation to this game. Fair play to those who feel this is the best way of making a point. It’s never a great feeling when the home fans are out-sung by the away lot. Can’t wait for the cry of ‘Sh*te ground, no fans’ bouncing off our empty seats.”

“if people choose to boycott games, protest, keep their money etc, then fine, but don’t choose this game. This is a big game, not just cos of the opposition but because we need to get some points on the board after a mini revival. The team need us, forget the board…we’re all fans first and foremost, so let’s show our boys we care about them not the mafia.”

“Speaking personally, yes I have thought again about this, and I recognise that there may be other ways of making my point.. I could turn up on saturday, give Allen my money and hold up something pithy written on a bedsheet. I could turn up on saturday, give him my money and frown at him at an agreed point during the game. I could even sing a song about him while Im at it, but he’d still have my money.
And again, speaking personally, I want the management of Chesterfield FC to understand that they cant take my support for granted, and that while the current gang are in place they aren’t getting a penny from me”

By Roy

One thought on “Pre-Match View From Chesterfield”
  1. I understand the feeling of the fans. Shame this is the match they have chosen as the money lost will be compensated by TV.

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