“Better find something to do second round weekend.”

“Get battered 4 or 5-0 and no-one will care as it’s expected, get back to focusing on staying in the Football League.”

“Can’t see nothing less than a 4-0 thrashing..United to score 3 in the first half and have a stroll in the second half.”

“77-0 to them” “

The hope i’m clinging to is when we beat the best team in the competition back in the day with Steve Watts marvellous lob when we were a rubbish 4th tier side.”

“that’s us easily knocked out in the first round then.”

“I fear we are going to get a real hiding on Sunday. Sheffield Utd are miles better than us and with a good manager. “

“Look if we are going to win the FA Cup then we have to go to places like Sheff Utd and get a result.” “Worse case scenario would be a draw as it means another home game.”

“I don’t think some people realise how bad the situation is behind the scenes is right now, this could well be a mauling. 6-0 Sheff Utd.”

“I think that this could be a real hammering particularly if the Blades get an early goal. It could get very messy indeed.”

“40 quid terutn train fare abour 25 quid entrance plus a pie and a pint £ 70 + NO THANKS .”

“a weekend away visiting friends and family around one of the country’s great cities with a ton of belting pubs and places to eat? YES PLEASE”

“Sheff Utd away ! S–t, I really thought it was a wind up. We couldn’t have had a worse draw as chances go. They’re the form team as well.”

“I think this is a great draw for us at the moment. we are expected to lose, and if we do, its expected, so no pish taking
If were to have drawn one of the really lowly teams, & they turned us over, we would have been a laughing stock, and we could have been turned over, we’re that bad
I prefer this”

“We will get stuffed up there – but then we can concentrate on the league.”

“I think if you can get there go, probably the last time we will ever play them.”

“Will need a pen and paper handy on Sunday”

“Has anybody noticed what a fantastic job Chris Wilder is doing at Sheff Utd?
On top of the job he did at Northampton last season. This goes to show what a good quality lower league manager (Win rate 45%) can do.
What’s our bloke on? 28% and cant speak the language. Makes you want to weep.”

“How can Uncle Alberto have any win percentage when he ain’t even won 1 game yet?!!”

“His future was sorted as soon as Sheffield Utd phoned Northampton and asked if they could speak to him, he’s a Blade through and through, had a s*** start but it was always going to click sooner rather than later.”

“If we had any ambition we would have got him when he left Oxford instead he joined skint Northampton.”

“Months back when we ditched our third, four or fifth manager I said we should pay whatever it took to get Wilder from Northampton. I would probably make a good CEO.”

“If only we had a proper manager like him ! “

By Roy

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