“did people really expect us to go to sheffield and pick up 3 points??”

“I expected us to lose today so I’m not deflated by that defeat to be honest. Would be different if I was there I know but.. Meh.”

“Today was wholly predictable. We’ve seen enough already to know this side can collapse, at one of the decentish norvern  home sides…. eg Scunny, Dale and now Blades.  There’s probably a few more to come, unless somthing changes pronto.”

“I tend to chalk off Bramall Lane as a loss in August but it’s the same old issues.”

“Competed ok in first half.
Nothing in the second half.
Vigs with usual saves to keep the score down.”

“On the plus side it could have been 6 or 7”

“fuck me 19 shots on target for them, 1 for us.”

“Fucking shite performance today”

“we always looked to be under the cosh and second best. Everyone except Vigs to be fair had a mare. Town were simply outfought and outfoxed. Brammall Lane is definitely a proper football ground and you’d just love 19k gates every home game.”

“Always love going to Bramall Lane……..wish we had that support but never will.
Started really well. As I said as soon as we lose 1 or 2 of our decent players the average players get exposed. Let’s just turn it around next Saturday.”

“You just have to hold your hands up Sheffield United are a better football team than Swindon.
Started well but towards the latter part of the first half they started to dominate.
They were stronger, quicker, faster, decisive everything sadly that we are not.
Vigs kept the score down. Second half they looked dangerous at every attack.
As soon as Doughty went off we looked in trouble.
Sheffield United showed today how to chase, harass and put a defence on the back foot.
We don’t have a strong squad and a midfield that cannot compete in a game like this.
Chasing shadows.”

“could have been a cricket score if Blades had taken more of their chances”

“This was probably United’s easiest game of the season”

By Roy

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