Coventry 1-2 Blades

“Sheffield United. What’s the pro SISU chants about?”

“Sufc fans chanting “There’s only one Sisu” proves once again why they’re the smallest team in Sheffield.”

“Always preferred Wednesday anyway;)”

“As I said earlier, much prefer Wednesday! United can fcuk right off. Happy to wait till they’re in the shit again, and gloat.”

“United will always be scum Wednesday are the class of Sheffield. We will be back” “Sheffield United are a horrible club with horrible, moronic fans. They have never been any different.
I think in Sheffield you have to take an intelligence test. Pass and you support Wednesday, fail and you get this shower of shit for life.”

“What scum Sheffield united are”

“Most publicity Sheffield United have had since 1899”

“Right at this time Sheffield United fans’ point of view is utterly, incomprehensibly redundant”

“ hope Sheff Utd never have to go through what we are having to experience. We won’t have a club soon.”

“Fair play to sky. Have a more sympathetic view and better understanding of the situation that some of these sheff Utd idiots”

“Real solidarity from Sheff Utd fans tonight, not”

“would it be wrong to wish a terrible but not like threatening accident on the sheff Utd fan”

“Sheffield United fans have shamed themselves tonight with pro-sisu chants”

“Sheffield united fans = bellends”

“Good to see Sheffield united fans have forgotten about the times they protested about owners” “Awful by the Sheffield fans, football supporters should support the efforts of other teams fans to rid our game of people like sisu and they think this is something for point scoring. I genuinely hope they have to deal with this, they deserve all the shit they get, terrible people”

“they’re a set of small town simpletons.”

“the brotherhood of football at its worst. Well done Sheffield United. Classy stuff. Football fans have long memories.”

“Thanks for your support Sheffield united you dirty cunts”

“Find me the lad who floored the Sheffield United fan, i want to buy him a drink”

“The Sheff Utd fans singing “there’s only one SISU” are a disgrace to Football. No excuse.”

“The words class and sheff utd fans do not go together”

“I have never had any negative views towards the blades/fans in all the years I have been following football, but I will never forget what they did tonight, football supporters? A fucking disgrace is what you are.”

“Sheff united are absolute scum. No empathy with there fellow supporters. Always hated the cunts” “Hopefully their fans het what they deserve, total disgrace suggest we replace Villa songs now with hatred for Sheffield United. Fare play to our fans well done”  

“Points are irrelevant when your club is being killed. Fair play and solidarity to the Coventry City fans”

“Fair play to everyone protesting tonight on the pitch, off the pitch wherever. Result tonight’s 2ndary. This is about saving our club”

“The team lost- Yes. Thousands of football fans around the country are talking about us and the protest. Win? Yes”

“Don’t give a fuck about the result the demonstrations put us in the national spotlight”

“Disgusted and embarrassed by those so called fans who went on the pitch tonight … totally cost us the game”

“Shot ourselves in the foot, protest was peaceful but messed up our momentum let’s not relegate ourselves”

“A strange mixture of pride, sadness & embarrassment at the total bollocks of a football club I support tonight”

“Losing to the second best team in bloody Sheffield!”

“City played better tonight i think the pitch protest fucked us up at last people will realise its supporters that keep this great game going not fucking people like shit su always had time for sheff utd after tonight all they are piggy bastards”

“only reason we lost was our forwards miss shed loads of chances we can’t score we don’t win” “United came here to win a game not to protest against SISU.
Their team did the job. Our team didn’t. Simple.”

“They got the ball more than us in midfield and our box. We do not compete enough”

“They got a win not what they deserved”  

By Roy

2 thoughts on “View From Coventry”
  1. I’d like to think that the blades who were chanting are a bit embarrassed and regretful this morning. Yes the protests were disruptive, but they’re fighting for their club and we should have cut them some slack. We were big time lucky to get those 3 points.

  2. As a Blade I do not condone the chanting in support of SISU. However, whilst I sympathise the Coventry fans position, one wrong result and we could be destined for another season in the pub league. Why should the Blades suffer because of another clubs problems. We got 3 points deserved or not but that is what we went to achieve and nearly didn’t get it through the actions of the Coventry fans. if you don’t agree with the way your club is run, don’t turn up. The message will get through at some point. I actually saw a guy on the pitch with his youngster taking a selfie with a player. What has that got to do with a protest

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