“Do you know what? I would absolutely love it if Sheff Utd hammer us. Absolutely love it (Me Kevin Keegan style)”

“If you have a season ticket the Sheff Utd game is the perfect opportunity to run on the pitch and throw it at Venus live on Sky”

“An embarrassing defeat broadcast live to the nation.
A full 90 minutes of me wanting to rip my insides out.”

“We will get a right clobbering followed by Venus stating we have to stop the rot whilst talking a load of rot.”

“After Venus’s outburst I can not see a way we can get a result. It was difficult enough before he lost it. We might as well have the tea lady in charge for this one as he has totally created a huge void between himself and the players.
The cameras are going to be here and players can ‘shop window’ themselves and put in a performance against all the odds. This is highly unlikely given the above.
Sheff. Utd are too strong for us and possess strikers we only wish we had.”

“Sad really isn’t it, but I have to say I would be happy with the loss (inevitable) as long as we at least put a bit of an effort in.”

“This will be a very heavy defeat.”

“Doesn’t have to be a slaughter.
The players have shown the ability to raise their game when playing the frontrunners recently, in among the dross of the basement type games.
Almost like they were toying with someone.”

“Whilst I am not confident about Thursday it’s still only Sheffield United.”

“Tis, but at the moment we are seemingly leagues apart.” “We are playing Sheffield United not Barcelona. A defeat is the most likely result but a draw or victory is not impossible”

“Put another way. Sheff.Utd are 3 points off the top. They come here on top form. They are expecting a win.
We on the other hand are in disarray. Rudderless with out a manager. Injuries to key players.
If we win then there will be questions about the last five defeats.”

“It was about this weekend last year when we went to Sheffield Utd, flying high and expected to win whilst they were struggling…”

“I hope they batter us like we did at their place last season, and we score a last minute scrappy winner”

“We have a great record against Sheff Utd, and this is exactly the type of game where things do not go to plan for the favourites. “

“We tend to be at our best when we have been completely written off. Don’t think it will be a massacre but you can bet your house on… Billy Sharp( Pen) featuring for them. Its like an annual bloody ritual.”  

“Fleck to pass one forward just so he can say he has done it once during his time at the Ricoh, I will boo him with great pleasure on Thursday night.”

“was never that keen on fleck, I always felt he played within himself, but last season he was class and our midfield is worse for not having him and Vincelot in it.”

“Sad to say, but like others reckon we could be on for a bit of a thumping. Think the loss is virtually nailed on. And you just know Fleck will have the game of his life. he’s bound to score.”

“I won’t be booing fleck. A good player that somehow we never saw the best of. For me the best midfielder we have had in recent years.”

“Knowing our luck we will get that same ref as last year at their place on sky.
He should have never referee’d a game again after That assault on Lameiras!”

“If Sheff Utd fans genuinely thought we would be storming the pitch and the game would be abandoned, they wouldn’t be going. Reality is, one or two will do it (if any at all) and the game will then continue.
We cant get annoyed at other clubs fans laughing at us. This is what we have become”

By Roy

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